I never thought I would say this…

But, we bought a van today!  George had a 2004 Jeep Liberty and we’ve loved that thing.  It is an amazing little SUV.  We have hauled more stuff in that Jeep than anyone could imagine.  Numerous times we have made large purchases (e.g. desk, chaise lounge, antique Hunt cabinet, 15 bags of concrete, ect).  Every time we’d pull up in the Jeep who ever was loading our purchase would shake their head and say, “It won’t fit.”  We would always insist that said large item would fit, and it always did.  Just last weekend, we picked up the girls’ cribs and once again the person loading them said, “Oh these won’t fit”.  It was a tight fit, but guess what, both cribs fit!  Here’s how George looked crammed into the Jeep with two cribs in the back.

But, today we had to let go of the good ‘ole Jeep Liberty.  I always said I would never drive a van, but honestly it’s the best thing you can have for quad babies.  We bought a Volkswagon Routan and despite it being a van “mom mobile”, it is pretty cool.  It has all sorts of features I never knew existed and they are going to be great for the babies!  The doors have automatic slide, the seats heat (awesome for my achy back), there are these cool little sun shades on the passenger windows for the babies, and the seats stow and go so we can haul stuff (probably not like the Jeep, but a close second).  I think we are going to really like this van!  So who gets to drive it now???

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13 thoughts on “I never thought I would say this…

  1. I agree, So hard, but does help fit everything! Ohhh and the heat of my seats go up the back and is so nice – hope yours does too! 🙂


  2. George looks great driving the van. You will love driving the van…until you remember it is a VAN. See you Tuesday.


  3. And one day your kids will grow up and move on and you can get a little Toyota Scion like we have. And you will miss the days of the minivan and small kids but enjoy driving the small car again.


    • Ha! What kind of van did you get? Other than the fact that it is a VAN, it is really nice. George is saying he should drive it now since his commute is shorter, but I think he WANTS to drive it 😉


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