I am an independent person for the most part, but am quickly learning that I am going to have to rely on others more.  In fact, the first thing I read about having multiples was that you should learn to accept the help of others, and also accept that others may do things differently than you.  The second part of that may also be hard for me…I am very much a Type A personality.

Anyways…I am enjoying the freedom of not being on bed rest, but I’m very careful to not over do it.  After all, I don’t want to get myself put on bed rest!  The weekends are sort of the times I try to relax and get things done.  That usually involves some R & R mixed in with chores and lots of errands.  I’ve been able to do simple chores with a lot of rest between tasks with no trouble, but the errands (namely grocery shopping) are really daunting.  George had to work today, but I could tell that our food supply might be dire this week.  Yeah, we’ve got stuff in the pantry, but I don’t want to survive off of junk and stuff filled with so many preservatives they’d outlive roaches in an apocalypse!  So….I decided I could tackle a small grocery run for essentials (think milk, yogurt, bread).  However, I was going to need help to accomplish this…help from one of those motorized carts.  Oh yeah, I did my grocery shopping via motorized cart!  It was mildly embarrassing, but people were actually VERY nice to me.  I got a decent sized sample of pizza from the sample lady, people in the produce department helped me get bags for my fruit, and everyone always let me go in front of them.  Hmmm, maybe this cart thing isn’t so bad.  When it was all said and done, I did something I have never done in my life…I let someone take my groceries out to the car van!  You know, while I don’t like losing some of my independence, it wasn’t so bad.  If staying away from bed rest means I need to shamelessly shop via motorized cart, so be it.

Thanks, Becky @ Our Multiples Journey for giving me this brilliant idea!



A motorized shopping cart in a supermarket

A motorized shopping cart in a supermarket (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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10 thoughts on “Shameless

  1. Good idea Amber! Some grocery stores deliver or you can place your order online and pick it up curbside. Not sure if that is available there but you might check into it. I love going shopping with my mom since she drives one of those now at the store. It makes me laugh every time she backs up and it starts beeping! Good times!!.


    • Hmmm, I should check into grocery pick up or delivery. That would probably help a lot. The cart at Target had a really loud beep, but Albertson’s cart was little more discrete, no beep 🙂


    • Hmmm, I should check into grocery pick up or delivery. That would probably help a lot. The cart at Target had a really loud beep, but Albertson’s cart was little more discrete, no beep 🙂


  2. New to your blog, found you through Casey Gerwer…Anyway, wanted you to know that you are and will continue to be a superhero throughout this amazing journey. I have BGG triplets and we just had our fourth child. Although you have one more baby inside you, I totally needed the motorized cart at stores at some point too. Best advice, listen to your heart because your body and mind will always tell you that you can do that extra staircase, I can just lift this one box, taking a walk to the mailbox won’t hurt…If you’re an independant person it’s hard to remember the toll it takes on your body because we know, “we can just do it.” Listen to your heart and your heart are your kids and your family, they’re telling you to sit your butt back down 😉 Good luck, you’re awesome and this journey is just the beginning!! I look forward to hearing your updates!!


    • Thank you so much for the support! I just met Casey in person tonight and she is AWESOME!!!! You are very correct, my mind always tries to tell me to push it just a little more, but in my heart I know I need to chill out a lot more. That is very good advice. Hats off to you for having another child after triplets! I can’t imagine going through another pregnancy after high order multiples.


  3. Yeah! It does feel dorky the first time, but it is great freedom and the next time you don’t feel so weird! But I totally think I will get that shirt you mentioned: “Be Kind, Carrying Quads”. LOVE IT!


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