A Quad Pod Party!

Last week, I was honored by the staff at my second school, Springdale Elementary.  It is my first year at that school, but I’ve been welcomed as “one of the family” there very quickly.  I actually think that my first day there I was already receiving hugs from staff.

The special education staff worked together to coordinate a shower with the “Quad Pod” theme, which they carried out with full force.  Elizabeth worked with her special education students for weeks to make the decorations including peas in a pod and flowers, which were all precious.  They brought all sorts of yummy snacks including Gina’s famous “Texas Trash” (a snack mix that puts traditional Chex mix to shame!)  and Rae’s special punch.  They even used our Name Game scramble as a shower game!  Teachers really know how to work together because by the end of the shower, most of the names were revealed.  Unbeknownst to me, there was a little twist to the invitation letting everyone know I should be showered with diapers, wipes, and gift cards.  Boy, did the staff take that to heart- I received a stack of diapers and wipes taller than me!  I am constantly humbled by the kindness of everyone around me and am forever grateful.

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Here is a link to Gina’s blog with the Texas Trash recipe if you’d like to try it.  Beware though, this stuff is seriously addictive!  I could eat a whole batch myself.  In fact….I have a hankering for this stuff right now.  I may have to send George on an ingredients run tomorrow!




4 thoughts on “A Quad Pod Party!

  1. Aw, love Springdale people! I’m glad you got a van so you could carry home all your diapers… 🙂


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