Frequent Flier

After my first rendezvous in the hospital’s maternal observation ward, Dr. Tabor told me it wouldn’t be my last visit; there would be lots more. He was right. I went a week and a half ago and again today. I had irregular contractions yesterday evening, but never more than six in an hour. Sure I was uncomfortable, but not too worried. Last night got rough when the babies enjoyed ganging up on me by taking sides. When this happens, they all seem to ball up in their respective corners so it looks like someone turned my stomach into shrink-wrap around them and my belly becomes all misshapen. Plus, all of that baling up and kicking has caused a nice bruise around my navel. It looks totally disgusting and really hurts. My doctors have told me it’s just the babies baling up and not to worry, so I don’t.

This morning, the contractions continued. Of course I eventually had six in one hour. You know what that meant….another visit to the good old hospital! This time, I threw the “go bag” together in minutes and helped my parents navigate to the hospital since George was working. I felt like an old pro at the whole maternal observation stuff. As usual, once I got into the car, the contractions slowed down considerably and I may have had one or two before they put me on the Toco monitor. I was monitored for an hour and had only one mild contraction, which was really good news. My cervix was fine and my FFN from last week was negative so they discharged me. Yippee!!!

This week marks the beginning of week 25, which is only three weeks away from our first goal of 28 weeks (we are still hoping for 30 weeks). Three weeks seems totally manageable, but in some ways so far away still. I know there is plenty more discomfort to come. At the same time, three weeks is scary close. In just three weeks we could have four babies here. We have been preparing and planning for a long time, but I don’t think you can ever really prepare yourself for a baby, much less four of them!



25 weeks

13 thoughts on “Frequent Flier

  1. Omg! Never thought about getting a bruise from the inside, showing on the outside! Crazy babies… But active healthy babies. 🙂 I also have a Question… Do you want/need any baby coupons? I look through them each sunday thinking, “ill use these” and never do. But didnt know if you would want to start your collection? 🙂


    • Good point, the bruise must be a sign of very active babies! I am not collecting coupons quite yet since most will expire before the babies are home and we need them. Once the babies are home I would love to collect them! Thanks, Jen!


  2. I really dislike the evening contractions! You just never know when to go in or call and just as you said once you make the decision they slow….so frustrating. I can not believe you are only three weeks away from 28!! Hoping for another good check this week. What day is your appointment this week? Keep up the awesome job you are doing and sorry to hear about the bruising. At least their active!


    • Evening contractions are really the worst! And, that’s apparently when they are most likely to occur. Every day down is a step closer to that magical 28 week mark. I am going to the doctor tomorrow so hoping for a good report card. When do you go back?
      Good point about the bruise- it tells me they are moving, A LOT! 🙂


      • Hope you had a good check today and that all continues to look good. I had mine yesterday and the all important cervix is still long and closed. It’s the best news I get each week! Who would have ever guessed how much our cervix would mean to us!!


      • Our appt was good. Glad yours was too! It is funny, I never thought I would be complimented for my cervix. :). It stays long and closed! One less worry.


      • That’s funny about your cervix–I remember feeling rather odd about Dr. Tabor’s compliments of my cervix as well. 🙂 When is your 28-week mark?


      • Yeah, cervix compliments are just funny! I am about 1.5 weeks away from the 28 week milestone.


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