Four to Adore has hit the Floor (not literally)

Hi Everyone, this is Courtney reporting from the hospital . All four babies are very pink. They came out kicking and screaming. Sydney apparently has an attitude already. They are currently in the Cooks NICU. We will be able to see them this afternoon. Will post pictures soon!

17 thoughts on “Four to Adore has hit the Floor (not literally)

  1. Yes. Pictures please! Can’t wait to see them. So glad they are here. Congratulations and blessings to Mommy, Daddy and all the babies.


  2. Amber, I know we have never met, but Matt has told me all about your adventure. I spent last night reading your entire blog and just wanted to say congratulations! I was so excited when Matt told me that you were going to delivery today and I cannot imagine what you have been through. Best wishes to you and your new family.


  3. So, so happy for you!! Can’t wait for more updates and of course pictures. Hope momma is feeling okay. You did amazing Amber and should be so proud of what you did for your babies.


  4. God is good!!! Can’t wait to read all about it and see those sweet faces! Amber, you have just recieved the most amazing gift EVER but you are so in the ride of your life!


  5. Amber so thrilled for you and George !!
    Will be praying for the babies that the days to come go well and they are able to be home soon!
    Way to go girl!!!!


  6. YAY!! Congrats x4 =) I was secretly hoping they’d come on my triplets bday, Sunday but I’ll take healthy babies anytime! Much love to all and can’t wait for updates!!


  7. Congrats!! What a blessing!! Amber, you did amazing taking care of yourself and those little ones and my thoughts and prayers have been with you along the way. I pray for a speedy recovery for you, health for you and your little ones, some much needed rest, and a lifetime of loving and enjoying God’s very special gifts to you.

    P.S. My daughter said she is willing to babysit those 4 little sea turtles at anytime :0)


  8. So I stop stalking your blog for ONE measly day, and you go and get yourself hospitalized and have babies?! Not fair! But praying that things are going great as they adjust to life on the outside.


  9. Congrats to all! So happy that all are doing well. Amber, you go girl! You are one awesome mama!!!
    Love to you!


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