Rub a Dub Dub!

The babies are now two weeks old and continuing to make progress in the NICU.  Monday as my Dad and I headed up to the NICU one of our favorite nurses was in the elevator with us.  She told us she wasn’t with our babies today and that Sydney had her own nurse while the other three were with one nurse.  This meant Sydney was likely on her CPAP again.  I was okay with that, but I have to admit I was bummed.  As I rounded the corner to enter their room I noticed that nothing was attached to Sydney’s isolette.  That meant no CPAP!  There was an added bonus….all four babies were now on room temperature air, which meant the were wearing clothes!  The night nurses were precious and made sure to coordinate each baby’s bedding with their pajamas and hat.

The next day, I was so excited that I brought all of their miniature preemie clothes for them.  I wasn’t sure if we had too many or not enough clothes, but brought everything we had.  That day, Harper and Rylin decided playing dress up was fun business.  They each went through at least four outfits!  By the end of the day we had a load of laundry already.  It’s a good thing that we bought a larger capacity washer and dryer about a year ago.

They are slippery when wet!

Rylin in her new duds complete with headband!

Sydney got a head band too! This one is actually for a doll or preemie!

Harper was sleepy after his bath.


Mason is a little stud muffin.


Also this week, I learned how to give the babies a bath.  Of course they didn’t much enjoy the bathing process (especially Mason who wailed the entire time!), but they were so relaxed afterwards.  And they smelled so nice.  I can’t wait for George to be able to bathe them with me.

Each baby also contributed to a mini masterpiece.  The art therapist stopped by and helped us make a canvas with their foot prints.  She is planning to come back several more times so we can do a progression of their foot prints.  It will be a really cute piece for their playroom.

Look at that cute baby foot!

Our first art!

Signing off for now….I have babies to visit today!



10 thoughts on “Rub a Dub Dub!

  1. Awesome progress, Amber! So funny how a week and a half older makes a big difference with nicu babies! We will hopefully get there soon! Also, love the foot print idea! If we don’t have an art therapist I most certainly will do that myself! And, by the way, you look great (as do all your babies!!)


  2. They are so adorable!! I can’t believe they are 2 weeks old already!! The footprint art project looks awesome too…we might have to borrow that idea for our nursery too!!


  3. So cute! And amazed at the progress! Cant believe you already have loads of laundry and the babies are not even home.


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