The Little Things Thursdays: Installment 1

Fellow quad mama, Rebecca, invited me to join her “The Little Things Thursdays” over at her blog, A Beautiful Ruckus:

During the week with quads, Rebecca realized there were numerous little moments that made the week special.  However, these moments weren’t always worthy of a full blog post.  Nor, is there enough time in a day to blog about every little moment that transpires in a day.  Hey, it’s challenging enough to post a full post on a weekly basis!  Thus, the idea of The Little Things Thursday emerged.  Every Thursday she posts snippets of the week’s happenings as a quick way to share with others and document for her family.  She also links up with other bloggers who do the same thing, document little things.  I’m so excited she invited us to join!  We’ve got plenty of these moments and no time to blog them all fully!  Here is our first installments of little things from this week:

1. Mason has become a Holy Roller!  He’s mastered the skill of rolling tummy to back and back to tummy.  If you put him down, he rolls.  He rolls on the floor, he rolls in his crib.  He rolls into things, including siblings.  So far, he’s the only roller in the bunch, but Sydney and Harper have been spotted rolling onto their sides.

Now that Mason is rolling over, we're having sibling tangle ups!

Now that Mason is rolling over, we’re having sibling tangle ups!  Rylin took the opportunity to kick her brother.

2. All of the sudden, the quads have an interest in holding (sort of) their own bottles!  YAY!  They don’t quite have the dexterity to hold a full bottle of formula.  However, they can hold bottles when the majority is drained.  We give Rylin about an ounce of prune juice in a NICU “kitten bottle” and discovered she can hold it herself.  Big girl!

Rylin learned to hold her own juice bottle in the morning.

Rylin demonstrating her mad juice drinking skills.

3. We started spoon feeds at the quad table George built.  We introduced a few fruit purees over the week with rice or oatmeal.  Spoon feeds were a bit daunting at first, but the quad table makes it so easy!

The taste of avocado brought Harper to tears!

The taste of avocado brought Harper to tears!

4. The babies usually wear Baby Legs or leggings.  However, we have all of these precious jeans we never seem to wear.  I broke them out for Aunt Cici’s visit on Sunday.

Everyone wore Baby Gap jeans for the first time.

Everyone wore Baby Gap jeans for the first time.

5. Mason has always been a social bug who loves to chat up everyone from visitors to siblings.  Today, he rolled over and discovered it’s just as fun to chatter with himself!

Mason discovered he's a dapper little fella!

Mason discovered he’s a dapper little fella!

6. Now that I am home with the babies most days, I spend A LOT of time in the den and so do the babies.  I realized that we’ve been living in a sea of brown.  We have a brown sofa, brown chairs, a brown coffee table, and of course brown hardwood floors.  For evenings after work it’s one thing, but ALL day in the brown was just too much.  This week I took charge of the brown.  I grabbed some paint and did a few DIY color splashes to brighten things up a bit.  I bought sea shells at Hobby Lobby and painted them chrome to fill a hurricane jar.  Then I took a beat up looking end table that was of course, brown and distressed it with a cheery aqua.  I also found a nice cream lamp from Home Goods for that table.  And, finally I spray painted a the brown picture frame above our mantle white.  I just love using paint for quick changes!

Here are the results.

Here are the results.

What little things did you do this week?  Don’t forget to drop by A Beautiful Ruckus to see what little things happened across the blogosphere.



10 thoughts on “The Little Things Thursdays: Installment 1

  1. Just curious how you are keeping them from sliding down in the chairs? An earlier entry said you were looking into padding.


    • Baby towels! There is a bar that goes between their legs, but they have a hard time sitting up without padding. However, Harper doesn’t need much padding since he’s the largest of the babies and is close to sitting up.


  2. Aren’t baby jeans the best?? I absolutely love them on our kids, and they are just as cute on yours!

    Btw, love that you were able to add some splashes of color to that room. I’m sure it feels bigger than it used to.

    Thanks so much for linking up to The Little Things Thursdays! I loved reading this post!


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