One Thing

Last week, I shared my experience being a PTSAHM.  While I go to work twice a week, I am at home with the quads most days.  Because they are still very young, it is difficult to take them on outings, especially solo.  Consequently, we are at home almost every day.  And because they are busy toddlers who no longer sleep the day away, I find myself challenged to tackle my never ending to-do list.  I am a task master.  I thrive on checklists and getting things done.  But I’m learning that everything can’t always be done.  Some Many things will just go undone and I must learn to accept that.  Instead, I settle to triage what’s really important.

However, during my winter break, I often felt defeated upon noticing that I hadn’t accomplished much of what I set out to do.  I’d wonder how on earth I spent my time if I hadn’t done anything.  Well, it was spent raising quadruplets.  Yet, I still felt frustrated; I didn’t feel accomplished.

At our last staff meeting, I recall my boss sharing that he makes his bed every single day no matter what.  He does this because he knows regardless of what transpires in the day he did at least one thing.   At some point in our marriage, George and I always made our bed, but in time we stopped the habit.  I read an article stating that an unmade bed prevents dust mites or something, which is good for reducing allergens.  That helped me rationalize why I didn’t make my bed.  But, I didn’t feel good about the state of our room.  It always appeared disheveled and dirty.  At some point during winter break, I started making the bed every morning.  And, you know what?  A made bed feels fabulous!  We may not spend the day admiring it, but each time I pass through my room I see how tidy it appears (ignoring the enormous dust bunnies and mountain of unfolded laundry).  When it’s time to turn in for the night, a made bed is actually inviting.  It’s as if hotel maids flitted in and straightened it up.  It hasn’t taken me long to realize that it’s a worthwhile two-minute investment because I did one thing on my list.


Do you make your bed? Is it worth the two minute investment?



18 thoughts on “One Thing

    • Thank you 🙂 just this morning, George said anything that gets accomplished at our house is a miracle.

      We are fortunate- my in laws keep them one day and my mom plus a friend the other day. Without them work would be impossible for me.


  1. Amber,I’ve been helping to make my bed each morning,since my accident,& it does make you feel like you accomplished atleast one thing,for the day!!!


  2. I’m a nutcase about making my bed. I do it every morning while the shower/tub water heats up. I’ve been known o make it just minutes before I climb in. Oh, and I iron my sheets!


  3. While I rarely make our bed anymore, I am learning to quite literally give myself credit where credit is due! When I look back on my day and feel like I didn’t get anything done, I remind myself I changed 16 diapers so far, made eight meals, did a puzzle (or learning experience) with the babies, etc, etc. I’m just like you, it’s so hard to feel accomplished sometimes when we are constantly buzzing around tending to the quads and doing mundane tasks. “Projects” are almost a thing of the past! Giving myself credit and not being so hard on myself has made me feel a little better about what I’m doing every day. And I also try to set a small goal, like making the bed as you do. Realistic goals that we can actually accomplish in five minutes or less are great! Recently, I’ve focused on breaking up a single project across multiple days so I don’t feel as pressured to get it done when time is fleeting. It’s a learning process to be parents to quads, work, and run a household—so glad we have a support group to lean on! You are accomplishing things EVERY single day, never overlook that! You are a wonderful momma!


    • That is exactly right! We think we’ve done nothing, but raising quads and maintaining a house IS a ton of work! Move learned that just making the bed is a plenty high goal for a day :). Other items are just on my wish list. I’d be so lost without our support group!!!


  4. No, I don’t think I’ve made our bed in ages. When I do make the bed, I love how it makes the room feel so much cleaner…I really should make the bed more often. lol


  5. I make the bed every day! I am an avid follower of Unf*ckYourHabitat (censored for your blog but it is uncensored if you search for it). She says, make your bed every day NO EXCUSES. I love it. The bed really is more inviting when it’s made. It’s nice not to have to kick around the blankets as soon as you get in, trying to get equal coverage.

    I also recommend checking out her blog, she has a lot of quick cleaning tips. Sometimes when I am motivated I’ll do a few minutes of cleaning and I think of her haha.


    • I’m impressed by how many of my readers (especially MoMs) are daily bed makers. I figured I’d be trying to convince everyone to join me. Turns out I was the last one to realize how great it is to make your bed daily. I’ve only got one wee problem- I have to convince George to do it the two days I work because he’s still in it when I leave. =)
      I should check that blog out! Quick cleaning is all I’ve got time for so tips would be much appreciated!!!


  6. Yes, I make our bed every day and have the whole 15 years we’ve been married. And like you said, no matter what I accomplish (or don’t!) throughout my day, I can always walk in my room and see that ONE thing was done that day!


    • Tambrey- that is awesome!!!! I know you are every bit (if not more) busy than I am with your kiddos. The fact that you’ve been doing it for your entire marriage is fabulous. I really has made me feel loads better about my day. It’s just a nice way to start out.


  7. I really like your take on Just One Thing. I also like your thoughts on spending one hour each day tackling chores around the house after the quads are in bed. Helps maintain balance in your life and still ensure that things are getting done in a somewhat methodical way!


    • That’s exactly it! We have so many “musts do” things, but carving out just a little time for R & R is also critical. It’s easy to go crazy doing, doing, doing.


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