Shawver Shenanigans: Daddy’s in Charge

When I review the snapshots taken in a week's time, it's apparent that our lives are full of shenanigans, but that is what enriches us and makes life full of JOY!  It's a clear reminder why God thought quadruplets were just right for our family.  Here are some of my favorite outtakes from the past few weeks-

This week, we had to do a little schedule rearranging when our regular babysitters could not care for the quads.  I headed to the office on Tuesday while George stayed home with the quads.  Obviously he knows how to care for the quads and where to find things in the house.  But, George has not been alone ALL day with the quads since they were newborns.  I fretted a little about how he’d mange their new toddler attitudes, sketchy naps, and tantrums.  The night before, I prepped him by reviewing the schedule, meal plan, and suggested activities.  In addition to that- I showed him the “go bags” stocked with toys, snacks, and other necessities should we have a showing on the house.  Our house went on the market last week and had exactly one showing all weekend so expected nothing for Tuesday.  Before we headed off to bed Monday night, we had a showing appointment for Tuesday afternoon at the exact time nap should end. When Tuesday morning rolled around, I got ready for work and was about to head out when the screeching began.  I believe it started with Rylin, our resident diva, and rapidly spread creating a quartet of destruction.  George was not even awake at this point.  I snatched the two screaming girls and presented them to a groggy George.  Knowing rush hour traffic was stacking, I darted out leaving George to contend with the rocky morning.  In recent months staying home with the quads has been a mixture of joy from watching them grow, and stress in dealing with toddler-hood.  I secretly hoped that George would get a grasp of what a typical day with the quads is like, you know a few fun highlights spattered with fall on the floor, feet kicking tantrums paired with a single brief nap. After being in the office for a few hours, I checked my phone for messages or missed calls.  NONE.  I sent George a quick message to see how it was.  He replied it was going well.  Hmmm.  Really???  I left him with four toddlers screaming into oblivion and he wasn’t even alert at the time.  I suspected he was fibbing to hide the ugly truth.  I made it to lunch and hadn’t heard a peep out of him.  This time I called and he gave a glowing report from the day.  At that moment, everyone was happily playing upstairs and was about ready for nap.  Hmmm.  It sounded good.  Really good.  Suspiciously good.  I went about the rest of my day in the office and headed home fully expecting Def Com 4.  Upon my arrival home, I braced myself for pitiful screams.  Instead, I was greeted with delightful squeals and a warm welcome.   AND the house was in order.  The den was tidy and it smelled nice- of baked ziti.  George sat happily on the floor playing with the crew.  He didn’t have that haggard appearance I typically sport.  He told me how everyone got along great and took two hour naps, which were actually cut short because of the showing.  Although the quads didn’t appreciate being awoken for the showing, they did well playing in the yard away from the prospective buyers.  Much to my chagrin, George handled everything perfectly.  In fact, I expect he’ll be able to watch all four on his own more often. The best part?  George apparently enjoyed recording a bit of the day for me: After breakfast, the quads did a little light reading of their favorite Disney books.

This looks like serious study time.  If I didn't know better, I'd say they were actually reading.

This looks like serious study time. If I didn’t know better, I’d say they were actually reading.

It wasn’t on my “schedule”, but George managed to change all four crib sheets.  If you have never done this chore, I’ll tell you it’s quite a feat, especially when eight feet manage to trample your handiwork.  As I am writing this post, I noticed there’s actually an extra mattress on the floor, one that we keep in our linen closet for tornado weather.  I think Daddy created an obstaclce course of sorts.  Well, whatever they did, Sydney had a huge grin on her face so I guess it was fun. Three little monkeys jumping on the bed... one fell off,

and bumped his head.

and bumped his head.

I’ve been battling tooth and nail with the quads about climbing on furniture.  I let them sit on the couch, but if they stand, it’s back to the floor.  Other furniture is off limits.  I constantly parrot, “Feet on the floor.”    It looks like Daddy doesn’t have the same policy.

Uh oh!

Uh oh!

An installment of Shawver Shenanigans wouldn’t be complete without a video.  Daddy most definitely has a different way of handing dishes after breakfast…   When you were a child, what did your Dad let you do that Mom would never allow?   hugs!   Amber

9 thoughts on “Shawver Shenanigans: Daddy’s in Charge

  1. Well, anything is easy for a day. It’s day after day after day after day that true grit kicks in. But, your husband sounds awesome. Changing the crib sheets is impressive.


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