Four Two Year Olds

It’s official, four two year olds now reside in our home!   It’s unbelievable to me.  Today we celebrated the momentous occasion with a Princesses and Pirates birthday bash.  This mama is quad-exhausted so enjoy these snippets from today, and stay tuned for more.


Pirates and Princesses birthday

Mason, Rylin, Harper, and Sydney on their second birthday.

Princesses and Pirates birthday.





11 thoughts on “Four Two Year Olds

  1. Yipeeee! Juxt lyke yestaday…Wishing the ‘Adorable Four’ longer lives and prosperity. ‘ can’t wait for the full birthday pictures+stats!_Plenty luv from Nigeria!


  2. I love keeping up with you and your sweet children. I know your life is full of joy and happiness and that Denise and Steve’s hearts are overflowing with that joy and happiness. The cover photo of this page is just beautiful.


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