Five Apps That Make Parenting a Bit Easier

5 Apps that make parenting a bit easier

Today’s parents have a lot on their plates. From stresses at work to getting the little ones to school and extracurricular activities to grocery shopping, our daily duties compound with unforeseen last minute duties that rear their heads ever so often and make it seem like we’ll never get everything done. Cue helpful technology. These are the apps that can make everyday parenting that much easier.

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Baby MedBasics

There are plenty of worries to go around when it comes to parenting, especially if you’re new to the game with your first child. Medical issues are a constant concern to parents from the moment your little one is born, and if you need a bit of reassurance, Baby MedBasics will surely do the trick. It has a plethora of important health tips that parents need to know in the first year of raising your little one and beyond. Think of it as a reference guide at your fingertips for all the common maladies, including allergies, fevers, and even details on potential poison risks. It’s a great app that will definitely make you feel more relaxed on a daily basis just by its presence.

Magic Sleep

If you have a new baby, you know how difficult it can be to come by deep rest, and every parent struggles with getting their little one down for a nap. That’s what Magic Sleep aims to correct. This awesome app works as a sleep aid for infants and toddlers specifically, but can work wonders for older children and adults alike. The app recreates the noises heard within the womb to calm the mind and put little ones to sleep in mere minutes.


When it comes to playdates, it can be hard to determine when your child’s friend (and their parents) are free for a get-together. The fun app RedRover makes it easy to plan playdates at the last minute by helping parents find fun things to do in local areas. Type in your address, look at all the fun listings that come up. You’ll likely find a bevy of social activities you had no idea existed, and get to show your kids some amazing offerings in your local area filled with learning opportunities and chock-full of fun.

Baby Pack & Go

Traveling with kids, and especially babies, is never easy. If you want to make it easier to get around with your little ones, it’s important to have a handle on your listing abilities. This app comes with packing and traveling checklists, with a preloaded mast catalog of over a hundred baby and toddler related items that you made need on your trips. You can also create your own travel lists, specify different lists for each of your children, and send the lists between any of your handheld Apple devices.

Potty Chart

The dreaded but welcome time of potty training is enough to make any parent pull out their hair. Little ones these days are accustomed to iPhone screens and often toddlers are better at navigating a tablet than their adult counterparts. Use their affinity for iPhones by using Potty Chart to track their progress. Each time they go number one or number two on the toilet, they get to use a rewards system with stars. Once they reach each level of stars, they can be granted the prize promised on the screen, whether that extra time on the swing set at the park, or a special cupcake for their success. The app also includes happy tips on how to help your children learn to potty train and stays with you throughout the process to ensure a smooth transition for everybody from diapers to toilet.

With your phone now holding a treasure trove of helpful apps, I figured it’s as good a time as any to tell you to take precautions with keeping it safe. We all know life with little ones is unpredictable, and a jostle here or a quick save there can result in a dropped phone. Keep your phone protected in an iPhone 6s case to prevent shattering in case it takes a tumble, and protect the screen from sweet but sometimes grubby little fingers with screen protectors that you can replace occasionally.




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