Making this Year’s Halloween Party a Standout   


Halloween is such a festive holiday and, if you’ve decided this is your year to take the party to your house, a few tips will help make it a ghoulishly good time. Sure, you can phone it in with some chips, a case of beer, and a few decorations, but you don’t want to throw just any party for your fellow ghosts and goblins. And that doesn’t mean you have to grow your own money tree either, as a successful soiree doesn’t have to break the bank. Read on for tips on making this year’s Halloween party a standout.

Go Big on Your Costume

If you’re hosting the party, you cannot—and I repeat, cannot—opt out on the costume. You also don’t want to do something lame (hello, ghosts made with sheets). You and your fellow host/hostess should go for hilarious Halloween costumes or, at the very least, something quite creative. Of course, there are costume stores on nearly every corner during the season but, if you’re more of a DIY type, simply check out Pinterest for plenty of inspiration. Impress people with your pop culture wit by going as Eleven and her waffle from the smash hit Netflix show, Stranger Things, or go with an impressive couple’s costume. Either way, you’ll get major props for going beyond last year’s “Salt & Pepper” costume.


Haunt Your Halls in Style

There is no other holiday that calls for decorations at a party more than Halloween. It really makes the ambience that much more fun when guests enter a house filled with spooky spiders, malevolent monsters, and other gory goodness. Once again, when it comes to Halloween decorations, Pinterest will be your best friend. From the Wicked Witch’s legs coming out of your potted plants to spider light-up mason jars, it has everything you’ll need to make your event something spectacularly spooky. If you want to go all out, convert your entire pad into a haunted house. For added ambience, have a scary movie playing in the background. Of course, this is only if your guests are adults, as you don’t want to scare your wee witches and warlocks for life.

Serve Terrifying Yet Tasty Treats

When it comes to Halloween food, the grosser the better. And, wait; have I mentioned that Pinterest is your friend? Seriously—all you need to do is simply enter “Halloween food” in their search bar and your brain might explode from the plethora of ideas. For appetizers, try Frankenstein chips ‘n’ guacamole (Frankenguac!), and crescent mummy dogs (kids love these!). If you’re serving a main dish or dishes for your guests, consider slow cooker pumpkin soup, or the dead man meatloaf. For dessert, the possibilities could follow you into the afterlife. From severed ladyfinger cookies to dirt pudding pumpkin patch and pumpkin rice krispie treats, devilishly delicious desserts are the perfect way to cap off your freakishly fun fiesta.

When it comes to a Halloween party, you can’t forget the BOO-zy concoctions. Of course, beer and wine will please the pickiest of palates but remember, you want this party to stand out. Go with the theme and serve things like a caramel apple or vampire kiss martini. Talk about leaving an impression on your guests!



Play Hauntingly Good Music

No party worth its salt goes off without music. You could hire a DJ so you don’t have to worry about a thing, or simply hook up your iPod to some Bluetooth speakers. Either way, guests will love doing the Monster Mash love into the evening. As we all know, it’s a dead man’s party. Check out the Bluetooth audio options from JBL to ensure your playlist bumps all night long.

Want your party to be special and spooky? Follow the tips mentioned for a ghost of a good time.





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