Q: Are you moving?

A: We have no plans of moving for now.  We think having four babies is enough change for a while and don’t want to pack up and move.   We have two shared nurseries and our media room has become a guest suite/ playroom.  We expect to stay in our house a few years before we will need a bigger one.

Q: What kind of car do you drive?

A: We have a Honda Accord for whoever drives to work and a Volkswagen Routan for the whole family.  The van fits all four infant seats, but it is tight.

Q: Are you going to quit working?

A: I have returned to work two days per week.  I like to continue working a little bit to maintain my skills and as an opportunity to leave home. Also, with four babies, a little extra income does not hurt.  So far it’s been manageable.  Being part time makes me enjoy my job more and I love coming back home to my family.

Q: What are you doing for child care?

A: Childcare for four babies is expensive!  We are fortunate enough to have several family members (my mom, George’s dad and aunt, and a few friends) who help us.

Q: Do multiples run in your family?

A: Technically, yes.  I have a cousin with twins and two second cousins who have twins.  George’s grandmother also had twin sisters.  However, I don’t think quadruplets really run in families.

Q: Are the quads natural?

A: This is an question we hear frequently. We assume the asker is ignorant to fertility related issues and we use this question as an opportunity to educate them.  First of all, by asking if the babies are natural implies they are unnatural or there is something inherently wrong with medical intervention for a medical condition.  The babies are in fact, living human beings conceived via IUI.

It stands for intrauterine insemination, which is not like IVF where where eggs are removed and later implanted.  Instead, I was given medication to stimulate the ovaries to release eggs and ultrasounds were used to determine when ovulation would likely occur.  Then, sperm was transported via catheter at the very time when ovulation was expected.  The success rate is around 15-20% per cycle so it is truly amazing that quads were conceived this way.

Occasionally someone who asks this question is actually referring to delivery.  The babies were delivered via C-section as it is the safest means of delivery high order multiples.

Q: Do you have A LOT of help?

A: Not really.  There is no hired help at our house.  We have a lot of support from friends and family, but we’ve found that we don’t really need an entourage full time.  The occasional visitor will help us with feeds or meals, but that is really the extent of it.

20 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Hi Amber! As I am slowly reading your blog (I left another comment a while ago, telling you that we are expecting quads and I am so happy I found your blog!), I do have some questions that I hope you don’t mind if I ask. You mentioned that after having the babies, you used something like a belly belt to help with your recovery. Do you mind telling me what belt exactly is it? And when you came home from the hospital with the quads, did you keep them in your bedroom during night time at all? Many people say that when the babies are so young it is better to be around them when they sleep just in case… I did read the Baby Wise book and it sounds like a great plan for us. Thanks again!


    • Hi Lori! I’m so happy you found us too, and are finding a few helpful tips. Right after the babies were born, I bought a postpartum support belt at Motherhood Maternity because I had a hard time holding myself together. Since then, I also ordered a Diastasis Recti splint from https://diastasisrehab.com/ It’s a beast, but I think it’s helped close my diastasis some.
      When Harper came home, we had him sleeping in our room for the first two nights and we put Rylin in there too when she came home. After one night of two babies in our room we decided to nix that idea. Babies grunt and pass gas all night so we got ZERO sleep. They’ve been in their rooms since. We put the baby monitor by our bed when they were tiny but moved it to the den when they were about 6 mons old. I’m glad you read Babywise BEFORE the babies come so you’ll have a clue. I waited too long!
      How many weeks are you now?


  2. I am 15 weeks and 3 days! 🙂 we found out we are having 3 girls and a boy! They are not 100% sure, it is still early, you know. But everything is going well an we are excited. Thank you for all the info, it makes me feel so much better knowing it comes from someone that had to walk on the same road as us 🙂


    • Congratulations! Sydney crossed her legs when they did our gender scan so we weren’t 100% sure either. I went weeks, almost near delivery worrying about it. I just knew we’d deliver and find out they had it wrong. I asked the ultrasound tech to check again and she said, “oh we check every week to make sure we’re looking at the right baby. I can assure you it’s two boys and two girls”!
      I found so much comfort in reading blogs too, it helped me through some seriously difficult times. George made me stop reading blogs where the Mama had to go on hospital bed rest, leaving her dogs behind. Made me cry every time!


  3. Hi! I just ran into your blog I’m a mother of triplets born 8-2012. I see your from The Dallas area? What part? We are from frisco and don’t know any mothers of multiples! Email me I’d love to ask you some questions and tips! Leahjwhittle@yahoo.com


  4. Hi Amber my name is Casey. My husband Jared and I just found out last week We are expecting quadruplets. We have identical triplets and a single. I am not going to lie my first reaction was shock and feeling very overwhelmed. This is my first pregnancy so to say I am very nervous is an understatement. I came across your blog the other day and have enjoyed reading your posts. I started at the most recent so I need to start at the beginning. I know this is probably all in your blog but I would love any advice you would have, ideas on essential baby items to make the process easier, words of wisdom, etc. Please feel free to send me an email instead of replying on here if that would be easier. I know you are busy and understand if you don’t get time. I just want to thank you for making your life so public in order to help others.


    • Hi Casey! I promise to send you an email this evening when I have more time. I know you must have a million questions (I did!), and I’m happy to answer any you have, and help you any way I can. Just know that what seems impossible is not! You can do this, and you’re not alone in your journey. Check out the “stuff for multiples” tab on the top of my blog and you’ll find lots of helpful information.


  5. Hi Amber! I am a quadruplet and have a sister and two brothers! So cool to see other sets of quads. We are 17. Your children are beautiful.


  6. Another insightful post, thanks so much! You stated to don’t have an entourage. Did you have alot of help in the begining? Our parents both live far and plan to come for long visits to help.us but we are not sure when the help will be needed. We have a 1 year old so I assume we may need help.with her while babies are in the NICU but once all babies are home how long until you and your husband were able to handle it all just the 2 of you on a daily basis?


    • We’ve never really had a lot of help. The weekend the babies came home, my mom and sister stayed the first night we had all four. Then, my husband stayed home from work the first full week they were all home from the NICU so we could figure out schedules/ systems. After that, he went back to work full time and I took care of them on my own all day until he got back in the evening. When they were nine weeks old, I went back to work two days per week while grandparents babysat. When they were infants, I had either a grandparent or friend help me take them to doctor’s appointments. That’s pretty much the extent of our help.
      In the first few months it was hard because there wasn’t much time to sleep, but with coffee and sleep training, we survived. Since you have another child already, I’d think you’d want the most help while the babies are in the NICU and as they come home. Chances are they won’t come home together. You’ll want to check NICU policy about siblings visiting- ours allowed it since the rooms were all private, but I know many don’t. Then, if you can get help the first few weeks after all the babies come home so you can figure out how to manage things. Things were drastically better once they started sleeping in 5-6 hour stretches at about 5 months (3 adjusted). How many weeks are you now? I remember making short term goals so I didn’t feel overwhelmed- 12 weeks, then 18 and 24. After that it was 28 and 30 weeks.


  7. Thanks for the reply. I’m 17 weeks. My husband has a good paternity leave and both our mom’s are willing to come stay for a bit so Ill try to stagger that. Don’t want my daughter to get lost in the mix.

    Our current goal is 28 weeks, then 30 & 32. Getting admitted &/or bed rest early will mean I need help with my first but just taking it day by day, still feeling good and no issues so praying for an uneventful pregnancy!!


    • That’s great that you are past the first trimester- first milestone met! Like you, I set goals like you 24, then 28, and 30. I hoped to make it to 32 but delivered at 30 w 5 d, which was close. Thinking of it in smaller increments really helped me. Keep listening to your body and taking it day by day.


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