Ultrasound Pics

This was our first ultrasound at about 6.5 weeks. We were in for a surprise when we found all four babies!

My RE let us come back for several more ultrasounds before we had our first appointment with the perinatologist. This was another early one, which was a relief for me since we saw all four growing and doing well!

They couldn’t quite capture all four clearly in this one, but they are all there!

At our 12.5 week ultrasound, we got a clear picture of all four babies separately.

Baby A

Baby B

Baby C

Baby D



16 weeks….the gender reveal!!!!


Baby A- GIRL!

This little girl kept her legs crossed like a true lady and made the reveal difficult.


Baby B- BOY!


Baby C- GIRL!


Baby D- BOY!

24-25 week pics

Rylin (a)




Harper (b)




Sydney (c)


Mason (d)




12 thoughts on “Ultrasound Pics

  1. We are so blessed. Never in our wildest imagination did we anticipate or expect FOUR to ADORE!!!!This will be quite a journey for us all and we can’t wait. God has done an amazing thing.Thanks to all who have prayed for us and with us. We know we can count on continued prayers. Love you Amber and George.


    • It is truly amazing! I would have never imagined this, but it is such a blessing. I’m so happy to have such wonderful family and friends to share it all with.


  2. Hi Amber,

    I was so happy to find your blog!! My husband and I found out two weeks ago that we are also expecting quads! We have had the whole range of emotions, and although we are unbelievably thrilled, this whole new journey terrifies me. My doctor has already started talking about selective reduction and all of the risks involved of carrying quads, and I’m just so afraid. We are not going to do selective reduction, but I feel like I need to reach out to someone who has been down this road for support. Would it be possible for me to email with you and ask a few questions about this whole journey?

    I love your blog, and you give me hope that we might also be blessed with four healthy quads!


    • I’m glad you found the blog too! I sent you an email- please feel free to ask any questions you may have. I know it’s overwhelming.


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