18 weeks and Still Truckin’

This week we saw Dr. Tabor for our 18 week check up.  All of the babies measured the correct size and had good fluid levels.  Baby A is settled a little bit too low, which puts me at risk of placenta previa.  However, Dr. Tabor thinks she may move up in the next few weeks so he is not concerned at this point.  If she doesn’t find a way to head north, I would be put on bed rest due to a risk of bleeding. Placenta previa also means a c-section is necessary, but that would happen for us anyways so it doesn’t make a difference in that regard.

Dr. Tabor seemed surprised at how well I am doing.  After my exam he said, “hmmm”, which was a bit confusing.  I asked what he meant and he said, “it looks good”.  He said my blood pressure was “rocking” (good), and I have no swelling so no bed rest!  I’ve been granted another week of freedom.  I don’t want to take advantage of my freedom though.  I try to take it as easy as possible and not over do (this can be hard for me sometimes, but totally is worth it!)