You can take the girl off the job, but not the job out of the girl!

I am a member of a Facebook group for parents of quadruplets and other high order multiples.  Already it has been a huge source of support and advice for me.  I can post some random question from what stroller to buy to medical symptoms and I get a dozen responses within the hour from MoMs (mothers of multiples) who have been there.  I LOVE it!!!!  The MoMs have been great to me.  Most of the time, I am asking questions or seeking advice. 

However, today someone posted a question about behavior.  It’s true, I have not yet begun the journey of raising quadruplets, but my work as a school psychologist  involves behavioral consultation (in case the state board is lurking around, please notice I used lowercase “s” and “p”,  referring to my role not my state license…).  I LOVE to troubleshoot behaviors so I could not resist replying to the question.  I found an article from my professional organization about tantrums to post and shared a few simple suggestions.  Later in the morning another MoM posted a concern about her child’s OCD behavior.  OCD is not my specialty, but I had to share some resources for that too.  Dr. Tabor put me on bed rest for just a few weeks now, and while I sometimes don’t like being confined not getting up for work has been nice.  However, today I realized that I really do love the part of my job where I analyze behaviors and find interventions to address them.  Who knows if I provided any help to the MoMs or not, but it felt good to use some of my professional knowledge today.  Of course, I shared my advice with the disclaimer that I haven’t tried it on my own quads, but do have a background in behavior.  Who knows, when it’s my turn implementing this stuff it may be tricky!  We could be like the cobblers whose children have no shoes 😉