Retro Dinners

George and I are foodies and LOVE trying new recipes and expanding our palates.  We think it’s fun to hit Central Market for exciting new ingredients.  I used to cook dinner almost every night.  They weren’t always fancy dinners, but were always good and generally healthy.  Most nights there would be at least some dicing, chopping, and sauteing involved.  We’ve tacked complex things like sushi and have taught many of our friends how to make sushi, pizza, and gourmet pannis.  Our friends often joke about whether to accept a dinner invitation at our house because they might have to do some of the cooking themselves.  Keep in mind, they always have a blast even when they have to roll up their sleeves.

However, pretty much when this pregnancy began, cooking came to a screeching halt at our house.  It started out that I had so many food aversions cooking was a horrible idea.  The mere thought of raw chicken sent me wrenching.  I couldn’t manage to cook and George had no idea what I would eat so he didn’t bother.  I lived off of bland carbs like Ramen noodles, baked potatoes with a little butter, and dry crackers.  I honestly have no idea what George ate during the first trimester.   When I got to the second trimester, I got more adventurous with my eating again and had some energy, but cooking never really became part of the routine again.  I am lucky enough to still be working full time so when I get home, I pretty much take it easy and dinner just doesn’t happen.  That doesn’t mean we aren’t hungry for dinner.  Regular meals at our house are now: tacos, mac ‘n’ cheese, spaghetti, and P B & J.  Despite my lack of cooking, I have the appetite of a 15 year old boy so I eat constantly and am packing on pounds.  Poor George on the other hand is going hungry.  He’s lost about as much weight as I’ve gained.  The other night as we at our mac ‘n’ cheese with frozen peas, George said, “It’s like we’re back in college!”  Funny thought, we’ve come full circle with our dinners!  Seriously, we are eating what teenagers can manage, but I don’t see this as getting better anytime in the next five years at least.  Perhaps I should pick up one of those cookbooks for college kids, the kind with easy idiot-proof recipes and ingredients that never seem to spoil!  Any cookbook recommendations?



Dinners Before:

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Dinners Now:

Kraft dinner

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