Charities/ Services

As parents of four babies born prematurely, we are supporters of charities who benefit families with premature babies and those dealing with a NICU stay as well as infant loss.  These are specific charities who were helpful to us that we in turn support.

Preemie Prints

Preemie prints is an organization founded to support families with babies in the NICU including those dealing with infant loss.  They provide outreach via a blog and with group meetings.  Through the efforts of volunteers, they provide no-charge family photography sessions to families with babies in the NICU and NICU graduates for the first year (in specific areas only).

Rylin, Harper, Sydney, & Mason

This photo was taken during our Preemie Prints photo shoot after the babies were home from the NICU.  Left to right: Rylin, Harper, Sydney, & Mason

This one is priceless!  George may have worn this expression when we saw four little circles on our first ultrasound.

This was one of my favorite family portraits taken during our session.

NICU Helping Hands

NICU Helping Hands located in Fort Worth, TX seeks to support families dealing with high risk pregnancies and premature births.  Support is given to the entire family unit, including siblings.  For families who say goodbye to babies too soon, they create angel gowns created from donated wedding dresses.

The March of Dimes

The March of Dimes seeks to help expectant mothers deliver full term babies.  They also support life saving research for premature and ill infants

The finish line was far too crowded for a photo op so we settled for the March of Dimes Bell Helicopter.

In April 2013, we participated in our first March of Dimes walk.

Ta da!  We made it through the finish line with four babies in tow!

Ta da! We made it through the finish line with four babies in tow!

Wrap Buddies-

Wrap Buddies was founded by 360 Wraps (A company that puts wraps on vehicles and motor cycle helmets for advertising or decoration).  Their mission is to help families cope with their children wearing DOC bands.  On a monthly basis, Wrap Buddies hosts a “Wrap Party” for babies with new DOC bands and each band is decorated to reflect the baby’s personality.  Unfortunately, the timing of Mason’s DOC band did not align with a Wrap Party so we painted his, but it would have made his band beautiful!

Patient Access Network (PAN)

Pan seeks to help families in need of costly prescriptions or medical treatments that may be at risk of not receiving needed care.  Many preemies need Synagais to help prevent them from contracting RSV while they are vulnerable.  However, Synagasis is extremely costly even for families with insurance coverage.  Thankfully, many families receive assistance from PAN to ensure their babies receive Synagasis.

Early Childhood Intervention (ECI)-

Because many premature babies are developmentally delayed, many receive services from ECI to help them progress and thrive during their first three years of life.  Services providers may include Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Therapists, teachers, and counselors, and are provided based upon each child’s unique needs.  All services are provided in-home and fees are on a sliding scale.  All of our babies received services for at least a short period of time, and we felt they were valuable in fostering the babies’ early development.  In areas outside of Texas, similar programs exist, but may have other names.

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