Ta, Da! The Liebster Award

A BIG thanks to Lily and The Bee for nominating me for the Leibster Award!  I am absolutely flattered.  When I entered the Circle of Moms Top Moms of Multiples blog contest, I shamelessly plugged and sought votes.  This award is totally different as it’s peer nominated, which means a lot to me. 


The Rules:

  1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog and link back to them in your post.
  2. Answer the 11 questions from the nominator, list 11 random facts about yourself and create 11 questions for your nominees.
  3. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 11 blogs who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen.
  4. Copy and Paste the blog award on your blog.

Note: (These are the “rules” but please feel free to do as you wish. If you have 5 bloggers to nominate instead of 11, and you can only think of 7 random facts about yourself – that’s perfectly fine! )

Alright, since I can bend the “rules”, I’m going from 11 to FOUR in all areas.  With the bustle of having quadruplets at home, I cannot read blogs nearly as often as I prefer and coming up with 11 of anything is almost overwhelming.  I hate to admit it, but I only “follow” a few these days and I even get behind on reading those.  ______________________________________________________________________________

My Questions To Be Answered:

1) If there was an apocalypse and the world became overrun by giant marshmallows what would you do?

Hahahahaha!  That is an interesting apocalypse….I think I would grab a pair of moon shoes and start bouncing on top of the marshmallows like Tigger.

2) What does your happy place look like? I’m talking that place in your head you go to when the kids/work/life in general is screeching?

Ah, it is a tropical locale void of tourists; secluded, but not in an eerie way.  The crashing of waves fills my ears and drowns out all worries.  As I breathe deeply I smell the faint aroma of salt and coconut.  I am stretched out on a cushy beach lounger underneath a giant umbrella that is pouring shade over me.  I am reading a romantic comedy, likely something written by Sophie Kinsella.  As I read, slushy cool cocktails are delivered to me and I eat tidbits of fresh fruit.

3) What was the scariest movie you watched as a kid that still gives you the creeps?

My parents were rather protective of me so I wasn’t allowed to watch horror movies until I was of age to take myself.  As a child, Pinocchio terrified me- you know the scene where the boys become inebriated and transform into donkeys?  HORRIFYING!  Actually, it still bothers me that is even in a children’s movie.

4) Which celeb can you absolutely NOT HANDLE..as in makes you want to Gag every time you see them?

Mmm, good question!  There are numerous celebs that could fall into this category.  Mostly people who are famous for being famous, think Snooki (or really anyone from the cast of Jersey Shore), Paris Hilton, and I can’t leave out John Gosselin (he gives parents of multiples a bad name!)

5)What happened to all those socks that used to have other halves?

At my house, if a sock loses it’s mate I toss it in the drawer as a bachelor/ bachelorette in hopes of the other half returning home.

6) What does your ‘slouchy’ day look like? Such a winter question!

Most days I am home with the babies so that means I have more slouchy days than I’d prefer to admit.  I wear what I dubbed “The Mommy Uniform”, which consists of yoga leggings and boyfriend cut t-shirts.  My hair is usually pulled back into a pony tail or messy bun to help keep the 40 fingers from yanking it or coating it in food.  I find that I feel better about myself if I at least dress this way and put a bit of bronzer and lip gloss on my face.  Also, I am not totally embarrassed if I have visitors or if pictures are snapped.  You never know!

7) What food grosses you out the most?

Sardines.  I am not a fan of seafood, while George adores it.  Since I don’t consume fish, I don’t cook it.  Poor George stockpiles the tiny fish so he can get a bit of fish, but sheesh those things smell putrid!

8) Cats or Dogs?

Hands down, DOGS!  Sasha and Lily our canine companions that we affectionately call “the fur babies”.  Most of my family is allergic to cats and honestly I don’t understand the feline mind.  Not to mention the fact that Sydney usually cries when she sees cats (house or large) on Baby Einstein DVDs

Random Facts About Me:

  1. One of my lifelong goals is to author a book.  I began this blog as a means of sharing our story with friends and family.  It’s blossomed into much more and helped me to realize how much I enjoy writing.  There is much more to our story than is captured on the blog and I would love to tell it all.
  2.  I am a total cookie monster.  I could probably eat my weight in cookies.  I also love cookie dough, but salmonela scares the fire out of me.  So, George and I make cookie dough without eggs sometimes.
  3. I fought getting a smart phone tooth and nail.  I was totally okay with still having my old school Razr in 2009.  The only feature I lacked and desired was calendar function.  When we went to upgrade our phones, I ended up getting a Droid.  Best and worst decision ever!  I know full well I don’t need a smart phone, but it would be hard pressed to do without it.
  4. Before the quads grand arrival, I loved kickboxing and yoga, but I seriuosly lack any sort of athletic ability.  When I say I lack athletic ability, I mean I cannot catch or throw a ball to save my life and trip over my own feet sometimes.  It’s not uncommon for me to find bruises along my legs and not be able to recall how I acquired them.  I hope the babies did not inherit my ability….

Questions for Nominees to Answer:

  1. What is the best thing a stranger has said to you upon realzing you have quadruplets?
  2. What features does your dream house include?
  3. When you need some “me” time, what do you do?
  4. What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

And now, for my nominated blogs:

Since this blog is “FOUR to Adore”, I’m choosing four of my favorite quad mom blogs.  These women are my friends, confidants, and mentors.  I don’t know what I’d do without them.

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