An American Icon

Shortly before the babies were born, a McDonald’s opened up on a corner within walking distance from our house. While the golden arches are iconic across America, I had mixed emotions about their new presence right in the neighborhood. We are not fast food connoisseurs at all.  Anytime someone inquires about what fast food chains are close to our house, I blank. I really have no idea because we eat at home most of the time. It’s not that we don’t enjoy the occasional indulgence or convenience, we just rarely eat fast food.

Also, early on in our marriage George and I took a road trip with my extended family. We both vividly recall the youngest cousins having a tantrum because we stopped at Wendy’s instead of McDonald’s (apparently McDonald’s boasts better toys in the kid’s meals). It was the horrible wailing feet stomping type of tantrum that humiliates parents. At that point, George and I wondered if we wanted to darken the doors of a McDonald’s ever again, especially if we ever had children in tow. Being the parents of four toddlers we know full well that tantrums ensue whenever, where ever and avoiding McDonald’s doesn’t equate to zero tantrums in public. It only guarantees no tantrums in McDonald’s.  Last week, it happened: the quads ate at McDonald’s. Granted they ate yogurt parfaits, they had their first ever McDonald’s experience. I do hope to convince them yogurt and apple slices are the only items on the menu for as long as possible (ideally forever).




Since McDonald’s is within walking distance, we walked. I assumed that there wouldn’t be four available high chairs and planned to serve the quads in their stroller, but Nisey thought we should try sitting in a booth. They did relatively well sandwiched between two adults, but thoughtful McDonald’s employee generously heaved four high chairs over to our table. We happened to be at a long rectangular table, which easily accommodated four high chairs.  The yogurt parfaits were gobbled up and the quads seemed to enjoy the atmosphere.   With spring weather on the horizon, I believe we will enjoy many more yogurt parfiats.  




This table was ideal for housing the seven of us.


When it was time for our McDonald’s adventure to end, the quads made sure to throw decent tantrums.


There is a table in this McDonald’s that lights up with different colors when you touch it. The quads would have really enjoyed eating at this table, but it was occupied when we arrived. Before we left, everyone had an opportunity to touch the colors. Sydney thought she needed to touch it with her face.


What’s your favorite item on McDonald’s menu?  I’m serving the quads yogurt, but I admittedly love the fries.