Lee’s Grilled Cheese {Summer Bucket List}

Grilled cheese is among my favorite meals, and it has been since I was a child.  George prefers a more sophisticated panini, but never complains when we have grilled cheese for dinner, especially when we have tomato soup for dipping.  Several years ago Dallas Fort Worth locals started raving about Lee’s Grilled Cheese.  It originally opened as a food truck, and later expanded into a brick and motar establishment as well.   Recently, I spotted Lee’s Grilled Cheese lists of restaurants to try: Movato’s 15 Best Restaurants in Fort Worth, Best Places for Grilled Cheese in DFW, and 15 Best Places for Grilled Cheese in Fort Worth.  At that point, a visit to Lee’s Grilled Cheese made our summer bucket list.

Lee’s was perfect for a little summer nostalgia with its kitschy decor and Ms. Pac Man arcade game.  It just so happens that Ms. Pac Man is George’s all time favorite arcade game and he’s a champion player.  He spent a few minutes teaching a few kids tricks to playing the game.

Lee's Grilled Cheese Arcade

Though grilled cheese is a family favorite meal, Rylin is does not like cheese.  At all.  I sometimes question her allegiance to the family being a cheese hater…. Luckily for her, grilled peanut butter and jelly was on the menu.  I went for a grilled ham and havarti, the other kids had American grilled cheese, and George a loaded grilled cheese paired with fresh-cut French fries.  Every bite was delicious!

Lee's Grilled Cheese

We had fun sampling Lee’s three signature drinks: Lee-mondade, Strawberry Lemonade, and Pirate’s Punch.  The Pirate’s Punch was a bit sweet for me, but Harper thought the blue stuff was divine.  Both versions of lemonade paired perfectly with our meal, and the kids were great about sharing sips so that everyone got to try each flavor.

Lee's GRILLED cheese

Lee's Grilled Cheese

Lee's Grilled Cheese

Lee's Grilled Cheese

Sydney apparently decided crust is not for her and she preferred eating the insides out of her sandwiches.

Lee's grilled cheese

Cheers for finally trying the cheesiest restaurant around!

  1. Movies
  2. Sea Life Aquarium
  3. Train ride
  4. Fire station tour
  5. Library story time
  6. Sprayground
  7. Zoo
  8. Bahama Buck’s
  9. Frozen yogurt
  10. Community pool
  11. Grill dinner outside
  12. Water Table
  13. Inflatable Pool
  14. Sprinklers
  15. Ice Cream
  16. Indoor playgrounds
  17. Lee’s Grilled Cheese
  18. Blow bubbles
  19. Chalk drawings
  20. Board games
  21. Play dates
  22. Summer Reading Club
  23. Dance classes
  24. Fireworks
  25. Sleep over with grandparents
  26. Nature Walks
  27. Bounce house
  28. Popsicles
  29. S’mores
  30. Sparklers
  31. Water pistol duels



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