Read This, Made That {Cheesecloth Ghost}

In Say Boo!, Ben the ghost is practicing his scariest “boo” for Halloween night, but it comes out mixed up most of the time.  In case you were wondering, ghosts don’t say “moo” or “coo”, they say, “Boo!”  Even though we already made wispy ghosts, another ghost craft was in order for this story.

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at cheese cloth ghosts, but never attempted them.  I found simple directions at One Good Thing by Jillie to try.  I created a form using ball pit balls taped to paper towel rolls, which I secured onto paper plates.  Then, I covered the form with two layers of cheesecloth.  The quads helped by spraying the cheesecloth with liquid starch until they were soaked.  I set our soppy figures in the sun to try for 24 hours.  The next day, I dotted glue on the tops of the forms and let the quads stick googly eyes and oval mouths on them.  I think they are adorable!  In fact, I’ll try to pack them up to use for next year’s decor.


Happy Halloween!


Read This, Made That {Wispy Ghost}

I have fond memories of listening to Curious George books as a child.  There’s something about that curious little monkey that’s been touching children for generations.  In fact, George’s “Original Adventures” began publication in 1941 (source Wikipedia).  It’s no surprise that Curious George Goes to a Costume Party became a family favorite among our Halloween book collection.  In this story, George attends his first costume party, and accidentally startles party goers as he appears to be a ghost.

In the spirit of this book, we loosely used an idea from Happy Hooligans to make cotton ball ghosts.  To create our ghosts, I pulled cotton balls into thin wisps.  Next, I squirted glue onto black construction paper into the shape of a ghost and let the quads stick the wisps over the glue.  Finally, I let them choose a pair of googly eyes to stick on the top and a pre cut black oval for a mouth.

cotton ball ghost toddler craft

Instead of using black googly eyes, I let the kids choose their own color. Rylin naturally chose pink…



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