Which britches???

Harper and Mason are very lucky they have two sisters because I am really getting excited about dressing the girls in girly clothes! In fact, I already ordered preemie-sized headbands and hats with flowers for them. I literally spent two hours online picking and choosing things for them one day (I was on bed rest so there weren’t many pressing things to do anyways). However, I don’t think Harper or Mason would appreciate being dressed with flowers and bows, and George wouldn’t like it either.

My cousin, Lindsay, invented the coolest new girly things and I cannot wait for the girls to be big enough for them! I LOVE these things!!!! They are called “Whichbritches”. Lindsay started out by dressing up her daughter’s plain leggings and skinny pants with ruffles. Everywhere they went people stopped her to ask where she got the cute pants. They seriously look like something you’d buy from a high-end boutique, but they are actually just plain leggings dressed up. She probably only has a few pairs of leggings in neutral colors, but Whichbritches makes it look like she has TONS of them. It spawned a family business where everything is made locally and 10% of profits are given to local ministries (that is cool, right?).

If you have a little girl or want to give a unique gift to a little girl you know, you should absolutely check out www.whichbritches.com for ordering information. Also, they have a Facebook site at https://www.facebook.com/whichbritches, check it out and be sure to hit “like”.

They are having a Fourth of July Sale where you can get three pairs (red, white and blue) for $40. Also, there is a special promotion for readers of this blog. If you enter “QUADS” at checkout, you will receive 20% off your entire order if you order two or more pairs. That’s a sweet deal! Plus you’ll have the newest girls fashion item on the market. So which britches will be worn today?



She is just wearing black leggings, but the Whichbritches make them so cute!