In Celebration of Fall

I really love fall with it’s crisp weather, lingering pumpkin spice scent, and rich traditions.  This year Texas weather has been insanely warm hot so it’s been a little harder for me to get in the fall spirit.  Seriously, my kids were wearing shorts last week and the air conditioner has been running.  Nonetheless, I filled our home with warm fall décor in hopes fall would one day appear.  We aren’t hosting Thanksgiving this year, but I decided to set our new dining table anyways.  It was begging for a little splash of fall.  Since having the table fully decorated, I realized it stays looking pretty and never collects random items like usual.  From here on out, I think I’ll have to keep seasonal tablescapes out.

On the table, I pulled together an assortment of glass hurricanes and filled them with items I had including cranberries, wine corks, and coffee beans (the aroma is fabulous).  Deco mesh and heirloom monogrammed chargers completed my table scape.  To fully enjoy our fall table, we may have a family dinner there this week.  I’m certain the kids would enjoy a “fancy” meal. img_3457




I kept the entry way simple with a collection of antique books, a fresh pumpkin, a framed fall printable (a gift from my friend, Amber), and a pumpkin spice candle.  Did I mention I adore pumpkin spice?!?!  Even with summer like heat, the scent feels like fall.



This was the first year the kids each chose their own Halloween costume and weren’t part of a theme.  Long before Halloween arrived, they determined exactly what they would wear and proudly stood out as individuals- Rainbow Dash, a pirate, Rapunzel, and Spider-Man.  George and I pulled together coordinated costumes, however.   Complete with bowl cut wig and fitted red pants, George dressed as Howard Wolowitz while I was his wife, Bernadette from the Big Bang Theory.



Though the kids celebrated their fourth birthday this summer, we still hadn’t taken four year photos.  We decided it was better late than never so we staged a fall DIY photo shoot.  One of the kiddos (I won’t name names…) may not have cooperated with my Pinterest-y clothing scheme, but we managed to get some great shots and had fun taking them.


The individual photos capture each child’s personality perfectly…


Happy fall, ya’ll!





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A Feast of Plenty

Typically my parents host Thanksgiving for our family, but this year they had plans to attend the Dallas Cowboy’s game in the afternoon.  To keep from rushing the feast, George and I offered to host.  Hosting a Thanksgiving feast is quite an undertaking, especially when you have big shoes to fill, but I think we delivered.   Prepping things ahead of time helped keep things running smoothly the day of.

The weekend before, Nisey and the kids made votive holders using Dollar Tree hurricane jars, Elmer’s glue, silk and felt leaves, and twine.  I think they turned out perfectly!


For a rustic tablescape,  I used a burlap table runner paired with fall colored place mats and napkins, pumpkins, and wooden chargers with an “S” monogram inherited from my grandmother.  I really love using family heirlooms for special occasions like Thanksgiving.



As hosts, George and I planned to roast the turkey as well as a few other key players while the rest of our meal was delegated to our guests.

Beverages: Apple Pie Moonshine (adults only), Mulled Cider

Appetizers:  Spiced Pumpkin Soup & Jalapeno Cranberry Cheeseball

Main: Roasted Turkey

Sides: Cornbread Dressing, Braised Green Beans, Macaroni Salad, Sweet Potato Casserole, Scalloped Potatoes

Dessert: Pumpkin Pie Bars, Pecan Pie Bars, Chocolate Pie

If you’d like to try one of our menu items, stop by our Thanksgiving Pinterest board for links.

Sydney, clad in her Sofia the First ballgown, volunteered to be my sous chef the day prior.  She was charged with mixing cornbread for the dressing while George roasted pumpkins for the soup. Before bed on Thanksgiving eve, our cranberry sauce was chilling, the components of the dressing were prepped, the turkey was in a brine, and the pumpkin soup was complete.


Since the bird occupied the oven, our soup simmered perfectly in the crock pot in the morning.  By the time our guests arrived, the soup was creamy and warm.


Our den is quite small, but it made for a cozy gathering.  I’m also aware that we may need a few more chairs as Seth was relegated to the kiddy rocking chair.




Between our dining room and kitchen, there was adequate room for twelve adults, but it was a bit tight for the quads.  We moved their child sized table to the kitchen and Rylin set the table for them.  The seemed to enjoy having their own table.



The dogs notoriously prey upon the kid’s dinner plates so we sent them to doggy jail for a bit.


After stuffing our bellies with decadent morsels, the girls cozied up on the sofa to watch the recorded Thanksgiving Day Parade while the boys enjoyed football upstairs.  By the end of the day, I was utterly exhausted, but it was a perfect day spent with family and friends.


Keeping with tradition, we snapped a family photo completed with coordinated wardrobe.  We started with subdued poses, but ended with this silly one.  It’s my favorite shot by far, mostly because it appears that George is yanking my Dad’s hair, but apparently he didn’t touch dad at all.

Silly Thanksgiving Family Photo