Roller Coaster

Yesterday we had a great appointment with Dr. Tabor, perhaps the best we’ve had in weeks. This time, all of the babies performed on cue. My vitals were fine, and he said my blood sugar was “perfect”. So, I was sent home for another week of freedom.

As usual, I was totally exhausted when I got home. I tried to take a nap, but never got comfortable enough to rest well. By early evening, I was getting increasingly uncomfortable and had sporadic contractions. As the evening progressed, so did the contractions. They eventually ramped up to a pattern of occurring every 10-15 minutes so we called Dr. Tabor who instructed us to head to labor and delivery. By the time we got to the hospital, contractions were two minutes apart and intense. Once we checked in, I was attached to a Toco monitor to check the contractions and a fetal heart rate monitor for two of the babies’ heartbeats (it was too difficult to get all four so we settled on two at a time). Dr. Tabor ordered for me to increase fluid intake and prescribed Vicodin. At first, I was uncomfortable, but not in pain so I didn’t know why I needed Vicodin. Well, two hours after having contractions every two minutes cleared it up for me. That many contractions becomes painful! The Vicodin literally couldn’t start working fast enough. My nurse, Katie, checked my cervix and it was unchanged, but we were in it for the night.

Lucky George got to sleep on the sofa in jeans with what he called “denim sheets” and “diaper pillows”. My bed was fairly comfortable, but I was hooked up to several monitors, there were lights from the monitors and I could hear everything in the hallway. Needless to say, sleep was somewhat elusive. At 6:00 sharp, Dr. Tabor stopped by to check on me and my cervix. That was a fun wake up call! My cervix was still unchanged so we just had to wait for the fetal fibronectin (ffn) results to find out what would happen next. My ffn was negative meaning labor would not likely occur within the next two weeks so we got to come home. Whew! This is becoming quite the roller coaster!

After spending the night at the hospital, George is now tweaking a few things so it is better next time (we know there will be a next time). He is packing a “go bag” for himself with a toothbrush, pjs, and bedding at the least. Plus, he got the neighbors phone numbers so we can call them to care for the dogs if needed.

This is the computer screen showing my contractions, the hills are contractions and the lines between show one minute intervals. Below is what the Toco monitor looks like from my perspective.



Since we got to stay the night, I was served a delicious hospital breakfast in bed. I bet you wish you had some too. George refused to have any of it and I choked down the toast and hash browns. I have no idea what that bacon looking stuff was.




29 weeks, 3 days

Frequent Flier

After my first rendezvous in the hospital’s maternal observation ward, Dr. Tabor told me it wouldn’t be my last visit; there would be lots more. He was right. I went a week and a half ago and again today. I had irregular contractions yesterday evening, but never more than six in an hour. Sure I was uncomfortable, but not too worried. Last night got rough when the babies enjoyed ganging up on me by taking sides. When this happens, they all seem to ball up in their respective corners so it looks like someone turned my stomach into shrink-wrap around them and my belly becomes all misshapen. Plus, all of that baling up and kicking has caused a nice bruise around my navel. It looks totally disgusting and really hurts. My doctors have told me it’s just the babies baling up and not to worry, so I don’t.

This morning, the contractions continued. Of course I eventually had six in one hour. You know what that meant….another visit to the good old hospital! This time, I threw the “go bag” together in minutes and helped my parents navigate to the hospital since George was working. I felt like an old pro at the whole maternal observation stuff. As usual, once I got into the car, the contractions slowed down considerably and I may have had one or two before they put me on the Toco monitor. I was monitored for an hour and had only one mild contraction, which was really good news. My cervix was fine and my FFN from last week was negative so they discharged me. Yippee!!!

This week marks the beginning of week 25, which is only three weeks away from our first goal of 28 weeks (we are still hoping for 30 weeks). Three weeks seems totally manageable, but in some ways so far away still. I know there is plenty more discomfort to come. At the same time, three weeks is scary close. In just three weeks we could have four babies here. We have been preparing and planning for a long time, but I don’t think you can ever really prepare yourself for a baby, much less four of them!



25 weeks