Water Table & Sidewalk Chalk {Summer Bucket List}

Between Texas heat and potty training quadruplets, my sanity is questionable most days.  One lifesaver has been water play.   Our Little Tikes water table and iconic pink NICU bathtubs have been well used this summer.  I try to introduce novel items with water play to keep it engaging.  If I’m dressing four kids in swimsuits and setting up water, it has to last at least an hour, preferably longer.

1. Little People Bath Station

I was inspired by My Nearest and Dearest to set up a Little People water park and bath station on the front porch.  I gave each of the kids a tub filled with water, a mini bottle of baby wash, a wash cloth, and a few Little People dolls.  They spent the entire morning scrubbing dolls and squirting soap.  Lots of clean fun!


little people bath station

2. Dish Washing Station

I borrowed this idea from a neighbor because it was brilliant.  I gave each child tub of water, a stack of play dishes, a scrub brush (I found super cute ones with animal handles at the Dollar Tree), and a Softsoap bottle filled with a little bubble bath and water. They got busy washing their dishes, and then scrubbing the patio before they jumped into the tubs themselves.  It’s hard to imagine they used to take a bath in these tubs and can barely fit inside now.

As the quads splashed around, my tootsies enjoyed a Mary Kay foot soak followed by energizing mint lotion.  I was in a foul mood that day thanks to countless potty accidents paired with many tantrums.  My little Mom foot spa worked amazingly at changing my demeanor.  I felt rejuvenated and the kids behavior seemed drastically better when I felt better.


NICU bathtime

Bath time in the NICU. Rylin is on the left and Harper the right.

And now…

NICU bathtubs

water play

3.  Condiment Bottle Squirters

Another day, I set up shop on the front porch.  I situated myself on an angle so I could supervise water play on the porch and sidewalk chalk drawings on the driveway. For water play, I used the NICU tubs and Softsoap bottles with bubbles, but also gave each of the quads an assortment of empty condiment bottles filled with colored water to mix.  I enjoyed another foot soak, this time whilst sipping fresh lemonade.   From time to time, the kids would give me a little foot treatment by pouring bubbles over my calves, which was sweet.  When we were finished playing we dumped the water tubs over the sidewalk chalk art to clean the driveway.

I love knocking out two bucket list items all at once!  Stay tuned as we wrap up the bucket list.

  1. Movies
  2. Sea Life Aquarium
  3. Train ride
  4. Fire station tour
  5. Library story time
  6. Sprayground
  7. Zoo
  8. Bahama Buck’s
  9. Frozen yogurt
  10. Community pool
  11. Grill dinner outside
  12. Water Table
  13. Inflatable Pool
  14. Sprinklers
  15. Ice Cream
  16. Indoor playgrounds
  17. Lee’s Grilled Cheese
  18. Blow bubbles
  19. Chalk drawings
  20. Board games
  21. Play dates
  22. Summer Reading Club
  23. Dance classes
  24. Fireworks
  25. Sleep over with grandparents
  26. Nature Walks
  27. Bounce house
  28. Popsicles
  29. S’mores
  30. Sparklers
  31. Water pistol duels



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Making a Splash at the New Pad!

One of the selling features of our new home was the yard. It doesn’t boast acreage or anything, but it has ample space for the quads to jaunt around, and eventually for us to add a small playground. Although the garden needs a little a lot of TLC, the previous owner had the yard fully landscaped with many ornamental plants and trees.  Every morning after breakfast and in the evening before bed, we enjoy a little time outdoors.  On most mornings, we have a little splash party using the water table followed by a bubble bath.   In the evenings the quads dart around as we weed the once neglected flower beds.  A few mornings ago, I captured some of our morning shenanigans.

Rylin took it upon herself to water the rose bushes with her pink watering can.    She refilled it multiple times to make sure the roses got a nice drink.



We received this pewter wind chime as a gift from a family friend.  It was in her family for years because there were two girls and two boys in the family, just like ours.  It made the perfect addition to our new yardscape.  The quads are fascinated by the mellow tinkling of the chime dancing in the breeze.


A few months ago, I purchased faux crocs for the quads to wear in the yard.  They’ve proven themselves as yard must haves for us.  They protect tender baby feet and rinse off easily with the garden hose.  I stumbled upon a pair on clearance at Marshall’s in my size and snagged them.  While I’m not hip to the fashion statement they make, I am in L-O-V-E with these shoes.  Oh how I’ve been missing out on the goodness of Crocs for the yard.  They are ohhhh sooooooo comfortable and yard work friendly.  The fact that they are violet and ballet slipper style helps my inner fashionista to appreciate them.


We have an assortment of inflatable baby pools from the quad’s first birthday party last summer.  However, I didn’t have the patience to inflate one of the larger ones so settled for the tiniest pool ever created.  It served as a “Go Fishing” pond for the party, and was never really intended for wading.  It began as extra splash space alongside our water table until someone took a dip….then another….and another….and then all four.

If two’s company,



And three’s a crowd….





What’s four???




A spoiled party perhaps?


We enjoyed nearly a full hour of splishing and splashing before the dog pile resulted in cranky babies.   When the party ended, I stripped all four babies down in the yard, hung the soppy clothes on the swing set and wrapped each one in a dry towel.  I took a tip from fellow quad mama, Amber, and lined each baby up as they waited for a diaper and outfit.  Much to my surprise, they waited perfectly still for their turn!  Of course, the episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse helped my efforts.





Once the babies are snuggled into their beds for the night, we often enjoy a glass of vino or iced tea from our front porch.  The sunset is gorgeous!




Have you ever owned a pair of Crocs?   If not, would you consider it?