Three Year Stats

After the kid’s birthday, I always enjoy their well checks.  It may seem strange, but I really like spending the time to track their growth and developmental milestones (I may also like bragging about them a tad at the pediatrician’s office).  I try to make the day special for them too.  They are allowed to wear “top shelf” clothes, which are reserved for special occasions and  afterwards we do something special together.  At age two, I split them into two appointments: boys and girls.  It was nice having just two kids with me and I plan to schedule like that in the future especially as they change.  However, it worked better this year to book a quad appointment.

Unfortunately on the day of our appointment, the office was running behind and we waited over thirty minutes to go back.  The crew behaved really well and lapped up the attention they received from office staff.  They watched a movie in the waiting room, assembled puzzles, ate lollipops, read books, and built Lego towers.  As far as they were concerned, it was play time.  I was concerned whether they’d continue this behavior once we went into the exam room, but they were impeccable.

Nisey was a little tired of the wait, however.

During the exam, our pediatrician was pleased with everyone’s overall development and was surprised that in some areas they were ahead of what is expected of three-year olds.  For instance, they are beginning to color within the lines and communicate using lengthy sentences.  We need to work more on independence skills such as dressing themselves fully though.  It’s often easier for me to do things for them so I’ve stifled their opportunity to develop a few skills.  No surprise to me, all four are on the petite side, but growing at a satisfactory rate:  Stats are as follows:

Rylin- 2″ 10.5″ tall and 25 pounds, 9 ounces

Harper- 3′ .05″ tall and 32 pounds

Sydey- 2′ 10″ tall and 23 pounds

Mason- 2′ 10.8″ tall and 24 pounds



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