It’s Infertility Awareness Week (4/22-4/28)

This week is an important one for George and me as it is Infertility Awareness Week.  While are are currently expecting quads, we will never forget the years of pain and struggle we went through to get here.  Not to mention the fact that infertility and loss robbed us of naivety to fully enjoy the pregnancy as we still have little fears that creep upon us.  Yes, the wounds from infertility heal in time, but it is something that forever leaves small scars on those affected.  Because infertility has forced us to grow and learn about ourselves as well as strengthen our faith and I would not change our experiences.  At the same time, I would not wish them upon an enemy.    We have many friends we’ve bonded with via the ALI (Adoption/ Loss/ Infertility) community who are continuing to struggle and we owe them our continued prayer and support.

Infertility affects 1 in 8 couples, however, most people are very private about it, and sometimes even feel ashamed so you would not know they are struggling.  Please take the time to read the link below regarding infertility etiquette because chances are you know someone who is struggling and may unintentionally be causing them pain.  I can personally say that one of the most painful questions that I was asked at least once a week was, “When are you having kids?”  Yes, this is a perfectly normal question to ask, but to someone dealing with infertility it is like pouring a container of Morton’s salt into a gashing wound.  So, please o take time to think about this.

Infertility Etiquette:–friends/infertility-etiquette.html

About Infertility Awareness Week:

Also consider checking out some of the ALI blogs I follow.  The wonderful people there deserve some support!


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3 thoughts on “It’s Infertility Awareness Week (4/22-4/28)

  1. So true…while infertility was not a struggle until Jake….a comment that got me after my losses was..”at least you already have one child.” Hard to smile and say anything after that….knowing they mean well.


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