Test, test, test, and test again

After two days of waiting for results, Dr. Tabor’s nurse called about my glucose tolerance test. She said that since it was a two hour test she wasn’t quite sure exactly how to interpret the results, but Dr. Tabor ordered a glucometer for me with no dietary change yet. So, I either have gd or am borderline. I get to prick myself and test glucose levels 4 times a day, when I wake up, and two hours after each meal. If my levels are consistently above 100 fasting and 180 after meals, I need to call Dr. Tabor about it. Otherwise, I just record the readings and bring them to my next appointment.

Testing two hours after meals means I will have to watch between meal snacks so I don’t flub up results. I probably rarely go a full two hours with nothing to eat. Since I was a child, my mom called me a hummingbird because of the way I eat little bits at a time, all day. The pricking part isn’t so bad, the harder part is going to be keeping tabs on testing and not eating again before I test. I did my first reading this morning and will repeat in two hours. I hope the babies appreciate all of this 🙂

George pointed out that all this testing will help pass the time. Ha!

Here is all my new paraphernalia, picture quality is not great, but that is a iPad picture for you.




27 weeks, 5 days

9 thoughts on “Test, test, test, and test again

  1. So glad you and the babies are doing well. Sorry to hear about your glucose levels. If you want or need to snack in between meals there are certain foods you can eat that won’t affect your levels. You can have sugarfree jello, cheese, deli meat, etc. Those have no carbs so it doesn’t affect your blood sugar. After seeing the picture of your glucose kit, it looks just like mine. The pricking isn’t too bad it’s just annoying to remember to do it two hours after each meal. Hang in there! I’m
    so happy for you and George. Take care 🙂


    • Thanks for tips on between test snacks, I didn’t consider there being options! I am using the timer on my phone to help me remember when to test. It isn’t terrible at least.


  2. Amber I found an app to record Bld sugar. It was cheap, simple and can be emailed. It also has a graph. By healthy cloud. It also keeps a numerical log, that records high or low limits in red.


  3. If you snack on lean meats, fish, turkey and green veggies that will help. Also try not to have high carbs….I know this is no fun….believe me I know.


    • I eat those things, but I actually need high carbs for the babies. Remember, I am on a 3200 calorie diet! I am just keeping an eye on refined sugars and processed foods. So far my high reading was 96, with most in the 80’s. I don’t think that’s too bad.


      • Those numbers are great. You must be doing the right thing. I didn’t know about your need for high carbs.


      • Glad you agree the numbers are good. I wonder if my normal diet is ok and keeping it in check. Its not like I drink hummingbird food on a regular basis.


  4. So happy to catch up on the blog! Glad you are doing well, sorry about bed rest and gestational diabetes. I did a lot of bed rest-reading, movies, crafts, Internet REALLY help pass the time! Our Anna was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes last Sept, so I was going to add some more low carb/no carb snacks that she likes:cucumbers, celery, dill pickles, snap peas, ranch dressing, and summer sausage. Just carefully read the carb counts. Our Dr says less than 1 carb is just legalese for no carbs! You will quickly learn to manage it all-hope it doesn’t come to insulin. If it does, you can do it! My pregnancy mantra was “whatever it takes to have a healthy baby!” s
    Sounds like you share it, keep up the good work!


    • Good to hear from you! Yep, I will do whatever it takes for a healthy set of babies. You aren’t kidding about the Internet. It helps so much! I might lose my mind without it.


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