Getting Pretty

I have the best hair stylist ever! Matt has been cutting my hair for about four years, or maybe five. Honestly, I can’t remember. I found him at an Aveda salon after not getting so much as a trim for seven months. My hair was in dire straits when we met. You see, the previous stylist gave me a horrendous bob that needed to grow out and I pretty much fired her. I had never trusted my hair with a boy, but figured Aveda salons wouldn’t steer me wrong, and they didn’t!

Matt has also become the stylist for George and Courtney, which means he probably knows all the family secrets by now…he he. He keeps us all looking our best, and is a friend too. He was so sweet that he made a home visit today. Of course I haven’t been able to visit the salon in months, and have been seriously neglecting my hair. Since I am mostly in bed, I basically wash my hair and pony tail it, which is not a good look. I was hoping he could put toner on my hair to tame the color, but realized there was no way to rinse it out. Oh well, I will just have to wait to work on the color. In the meantime, Matt gave me a great trim and I feel much better. I may be “large, and not in charge”, but I can have pretty hair. Thanks, Matt!

Here’s Matt armed with scissors, blow dryer, and flat iron. Hair, beware!

Here’s the new “do”



Ps…we made it 29 weeks now. Yay!

6 thoughts on “Getting Pretty

  1. Looking good, Amber! And, um, making 29 weeks is a BIG DEAL!!!! You are on your way to 30, girl, that’s incredible!!! Every single 24 hours counts HUGE…. you are doing awesome. Glad you got your hair done, that’s the best feeling. My sister had a lady from a local nail salon come give me a pedicure in the hospital, it was just what I needed. I’m actually getting my hair cut this week in preparation for babies starting to come home – I’m sure I won’t be leaving the house for quite awhile, lol!


  2. Hooray for 29 weeks! You are doing (and looking) awesome!! I think of you every time I experience some sort of pregnancy discomfort, and wonder how you’re hanging in there…


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