Sharing the News

The past few days have been incredibly exciting and busy for George and I as we transition to expectant parents to new parents of quadruplets. I was discharged from the hospital Monday and we have begun to spend increasing amounts of time with the bp babies in the NICU. I will find a spare moment very soon to document the babies’ birthday and to start bragging about them, in the meantime, enjoy the link below. It is footage from a local NBC news story!



Ps: As always, thank you for every prayer said on our behalf. The babies are doing great, but will still need prayers. They have a lot of growing to do and developmental milestones to meet.

9 thoughts on “Sharing the News

  1. Amber, you look GREAT! Daddy too 🙂 Glad to hear everyone is doing well and can’t wait to hear all the details. Still sending prayers and believe it or not before you know it this stage of the game will be a distant memory. Recently I found a diaper from the NICU the my peanut Copper (2lb 10oz) wore and can barely remember him being THAT tiny. Before you know it you will be getting them ready for preschool! lol I know it’s easier said than done but try to take the time to enjoy this stage because it dosen’t get any easier, just harder in different ways 🙂 My triplets send thier love and love to see the pics of your babies ❤


  2. That’s awesome, Amber! Seeing you & George on video makes me feel like I “know” you even more, my fellow quad momma & friend! We will all have to meet face to face in the future. For right now, praying for your little babies and SO HAPPY for you both!!!


    • Thanks, Becky! I am so glad you could see the video. I tell everyone about my fellow quad mamas in Michigan and ohio. And I tell them how Tyler and Sydney had the same placenta issue.


  3. Wow! Great to hear/see ya post! Glad to see that you are well and “out of hospital”! Dont forget to breathe, take a break, and take care of u 2! Its gonna be a wild ride for the next 18 years, but it looks like you have a great “team” praying for you!! (All us prayers/followers – keep up the good work/prayers!) Cant wait to get back in town and see ya ALL! and possibly offer you a break to maybe sleep, cause I know as a mom you’ll never stop worrying…. 😉


    • We really are in for an adventure! It wont be easy, but I have the best teammate by my side. George is already stepping up to help and does a great job.


  4. Congratulations!! I know they still have some growing and developing to do, but it sounds like they are off to a great start!


  5. I finally read the entire entry about the births and I cried like a baby at the end. Seeing those precious babies and knowing they and you were alright was more than my emotions could handle. We all have quite a journey ahead of us. I can’t wait to get my hands on those four little miracles!


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