Moving and Shaking in the NICU!

It is hard to believe that the quads made their grand appearance just over one week ago. It has been a busy week to say the least and we’ve seen them grow and change so much already. At birth, all four babies were put on a CPAP to ensure the constant flow of oxygen.  They were also found to have low levels of bilirubin (jaundice) and needed photo therapy.  Here are the updates on each baby-

Rylin and Harper began breathing room air and were taken off the CPAP on Tuesday morning. Their billi levels were also good so they was able to lose the psychedelic looking bilirubin lights on the same day! It was wonderful to finally see their beautiful faces and dark hair! Without all the garb we discovered that Harper is a furry little man. Of course it is just lanugo, which will fall out at some point. His just seems very dark and hairy in funny places like from his hairline to eyebrows! We will have to tease him about this when he is grown up. When we returned Wednesday, we were sad to see both Rylin and Harper sporting our old friend, Mr. CPAP.

Harper wearing the good old CPAP.

Harper working on his tan.

Rylin hoping for a golden brown tan.

Rylin and her pal, CPAP..

In the meantime, both babies stayed on “room air” with the CPAP until Saturday when they were able to get rid if it again! Without the CPAP bonnet, Rylin’s nurse decided it was time for a mini make over with hair combing and a bow! Both babies had a head ultrasound to check for brain bleeds and were clear.

Rylin with a sweet bow during tummy time!

Mason has turned out to be not only our chill guy, but also a breathing champ. He was the first off CPAP on Monday and he’s never looked back. We were warned he could be a “wimpy white boy” who could go right back on, but he proved everyone wrong. He has also been off the bilirubin lights since Tuesday and showed a normal head ultrasound. Since Mason’s face has been clear of garb for several days, he has become quite alert. He enjoys keeping his eyes open to explore the world nearby and constantly makes faces at us. We especially love his little mile and brow furrows.

Mason pretending he’s in Costa Rica.

Mason showing his siblings up- NO CPAP!

Sydney may be tiny, but she does her best to keep up with her siblings. Sunday after she was born, she was struggling to breathe. An x-ray completed bedside showed an air pocket outside her lungs. She had a pneumothorax (collapsed lung), which allowed air to leak around her left lung.  A chest tube was inserted to seal the leak. She then had x-rays every 12 hours until Tuesday when it was closed so the tube was removed. I could not watch the bedside tube removal, but George did. Her cries broke my heart, but I felt better when he told me she cried only when they removed her surgical tape. In sync with Rylin and Harper, Sydney also had her CPAP removed!  That meant a bow for tiny Sydney too.  We really worried hers might reappear and were so proud when we returned to zero CPAPs!

Sydney basking under the Mexican sun.

Sydney with good friend, CPAP.

Aww….Sydney has a bow head!

All four babies had their IV lines removed from their navel yesterday so we got to finally hold them!  Waiting over a week to hold your babies is absolutely excruciating!  We also were able to start Kangaroo care where we hold them skin to skin.  We are so proud of all of our babies and they amaze hospital staff daily.

George holding Sydney for the first time.

George holding Harper for the first time.

My first time holding Mason.

Holding Rylin for the first time.

We will do our best to keep the updates rolling in, but it is very difficult to drag us away from our precious babies.


Amber and George

11 thoughts on “Moving and Shaking in the NICU!

  1. Go babies! Sounds like all four are doing great, and it is SO WONDERFUL to finally be able to hold the babies. I think I need the snuggle time even more than my babies- LOL! So happy for you!


  2. Wow, what an amazing accomplishment they all have made thus far. I know you two are elated. Rene’ & I were wondering what weight do they have to get to in order to be released to come home? Let us know how we can help in any way.
    Love, Cindy & Rene’ DeRouen


    • Hi Cindy! I can’t keep their weights straight, but they’ve all grown. At this point, they need to learn to bottle feed and grow enough to fit in their car seats (4 lbs). They start trying to bottle feed tomorrow. Pray they get it!


  3. It means so much to us to see these wonderful reports on how well the children are doing. We continue to pray for all six of you. Blessings from the Pacific Northwest, Jack & Suzi Wilcox


  4. Debbie gave us the information so we could read all about you, Amber, in the hospital and about the birth of the babies. What a wonderful thing you did to write all about your experience and the wonderful nurses and doctor who attended to you. I read it first while Joe was off at the golf course and cried most of the time I was reading when D-Dayfinally arrived and each baby was born and thanking God for taking care of you and each precious gift of life. Oh my! When Joe came home we went through every word and photo again. Joe was thrilled to be able to read your blog and to see the photos of the babies. We have kept you both in our prayers and in our thoughts for weeks and weeks. What a joy! What a blessing. Congratulations to you. We love you!


    • Diane, I am so happy that Debbie shared our blog. These babies are little miracles for sure! Thank you for every prayer!


  5. Okay, they don’t look much different than Sean did when he was born and as you know, he was only about 5 weeks early. They are just doing so well and its great to see you both finally get to hold them. The very first picture with Harper’s hand around your thumb is just the best!


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