There’s No Place Like Home

Well folks, this has been one busy week for our family. Believe it or not, as of today we have all FOUR babies at home. That’s right, all of them including Sydney are currently snuggled up in their very own beds at home. Actually, I take that back Harper is currently fussing and spending time with George in the living room. Just like with delivery, it all seems surreal. I have to pinch myself sometimes when I gaze at all four beautiful, healthy babies in our house. Of course I have lots to say about when and how each baby came home, but at the moment time is slim and sleep is a precious commodity. As for now, I will just say we are now taking the time to figure out what our new normal is and find a semblance of routine. We have been on quite a journey, but the adventure is really beginning now!



Now here’s a real family picture, the fur babies are included!

Thank you, Miss Kim for these adorable outfits!

9 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. I’m so happy they are all healty and finally at home. Now onward & upward to the adventure begins. Amber your days may always seem surreal. What a blessing.


  2. So excited!! Simply amazaing that everyone is home well in advance of their due date. Love the pictures, especially the last one. It looks like they are trying to hold hands. We hope to come to visit soon. Love you all.


  3. Amber and George,

    Just so happy for all of you. God has blessed you in such wonderful way. Your posts here mean so much to us and I know they will for years and years to come. Blessings, Jack and Suzi Wilcox – Lakewood, WA


  4. Oh my gosh, that’s crazy. I can’t believe they are all home. You’re going to have some crazy days, crazy nights, crazy exhaustion and crazy fun. Good luck figuring it all out and I hope you all enjoy every second of it.


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