Moving on Up

Well, everyone is officially out of newborn sized clothes and diapers! In fact, Harper’s size 0-3 month clothes are already getting a bit tight.  I cannot believe that the babies have all more than tripled their birth weights by 15 weeks.  Perhaps they will all be double-digit weights and on the growth charts soon.  Since everyone outgrew their entire wardrobe in a matter of days, we started shifting things pretty much everywhere.  George came home one day last week and asked, “Why are there clothes in limbo EVERYWHERE????”  It took me the better part of last week to get everything sorted out.  There are now boxes to donate, boxes to share, boxes to consign, and boxes to grow into.  It’s here there and everywhere!  Along with getting bigger, the babies are starting to meet some early developmental milestones.  They are all pretty much neck and neck, but each one has a bit of a thing they are the best at.  Rylin is our toy batter, Harper is thestuff grabber, Sydney is the thing tracker, and Mason is our smiley guy.  They have been doing some of these things for a while, but started getting much better the past two weeks or so.  Here are some of the cool things they can do now:

  • smile in response to another person smiling or being tickled

Mason just loved when Kristen tickled his belly.

Smiley Guy Mason

  • visually track objects

Sydney is really checking our her mobile!

  • show interest in toys, books, and objects like the fan


  • grasp objects, including mom’s hair

What’s that in Harper’s hand? A rattle!

Mason not only grabbed a rattle, but brought it to his face.

  • lift head with good neck control

Harper is demonstrating head control and toy grabbing at once.

Sydney lifted her noggin.


  • bat at toys

Here, batter batter, here batter batter…

  • look at a person talking to them and appear to listen

G.G. is really chatting Harper up here

  • kick legs, which is a lot of fun with rattles attached!

Rylin is kicking like she’s got a bad case of Restless Legs Syndrome!

  • notice when another is crying and join in the choir (this one is a problem during sleep times so we started using a sound machine and lullaby CD to help muffle the sounds)

Not sure who started it, but both girls were M A D!


  • suck thumb when upset (this is mostly Sydney and sometimes Mason)  I know thumb sucking isn’t necessarily considered a good thing, but for a quad to self-soothe it is great!


  • And….the Holy Grail for multiples: We mastered the QUAD FEED thanks to tips from fellow quad mamas Amber, Becky, and Krista.

Ta da!!!

The four are showing off some of their new 3 month duds from the Cox family.

More three month sized duds here. This time they are showing off their Notre Dame spirit for our friend, Kelsey.




8 thoughts on “Moving on Up

    • So glad you LOVE it! I finally found a list of developmental milestones on a preemie website. I printed a copy for each and am writing down when they master it, for future reference.


  1. Woo hoo for quad feeds!!! You did it! Welcome back to having a wee (tiny itty bitty) amount of extra time on your hands by feeding all four at once. The babies are super duper cute!!! Glad to know they’re getting out of newborn clothes, I’ve got some three month stuff to send your way!! Harrison is already ready to transition into 6 month clothes. I can’t believe it!!

    It’s so exciting they are hitting milestones now. I loved it when that started to happen. We quad families had to spend so much extra time with the NICU and teaching our babies how to feed that it is such an accomplishment when we get to “normal” stages. I love that Harrison giggles all the time now and Kailey did it for the first time yesterday. Slowly but surely we’re getting there…and now things are starting to move a bit faster!

    You and George are just doing such an awesome job. I’m so glad things are going well. Can’t WAIT until the day we get to finally meet in person!!!


    • I thought we’d never master quad feeds! It’s still tricky, but do able. Harper is such a chunk, I think 3 month sizes won’t last long for him. I can’t believe Harrison is hitting 6 month sizes! He is really catching up!!! Oh, laughter has to be the best! Looking forward to that,, and awareness beyond crying.

      I can’t wait to meet you all! I recently dreamt that I met Becky and cried tears of joy. I could not do it without you quad mamas!


  2. I love seeing the babies. They are so big and even more beautiful. It amazes me how three weeks doesn’t seem that much of a difference but my kiddos have yet to do many of the things Rylin, Harper, Mason and Sydney are doing. We finally started making really good eye contact this week so maybe we are heading towards the other milestones. I can not wait for the smiles and giggles to start! I think it’s funny that you, Amber, Becky and I all have the same type of quad feed posed picture. We should send it into the bottle prop site…they would be so impressed how their product is being used!
    You and George are amazing and the kids are so lucky to have you as their mom and dad.


    • It really is amazing how just a few weeks makes a difference! Tate, Rylan, Isabella, and Kenzie are really keeping up quite well! It always amazes me how they are just right on our heels even with the three weeks between. I stole tips from each of you to get those darn bottles to prop! I’m hoping one day to get the bottles IN the props and the babies will grab them =) Thanks for all of your support, I could not do this with out you!


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