White Christmas

While our extended family made rounds today, we declared Christmas Day pajama day at home.  When the babies  took their morning nap, George and I took time to make one of our old favorite breakfasts, crepes. We acquired an affection for them when we traveled to San Francisco a few years ago.  Since then, we’ve developed all sorts of beloved fillings from chocolate chip marshmallow to cream cheese jalapeno.  Today we chose savory cheddar, sausage, salsa crepes complimented by Eggnog flavored coffee.  Of course, we didn’t have too much time to relish our breakfast before Harper began letting us know it was time for bottle #2.

Mmm, crepes!

Mmm, crepes!

George’s dad stopped by for a quick visit to deliver some toys to the babies.  The babies are becoming increasingly curious about their surroundings and are discovering their hands so I know they’ll love the new toys.  He  skedaddled just as a winter storm approached.  It started with a bit of sleet then a lovely white powder dusted our lawn.  Who knew we would have a White Christmas after having highs in the eighties?  Texas weather is really bizarre sometimes!  We didn’t think the babies would enjoy romping in the snow just yet so I brought them to the window to gaze at it instead.

Harper needed a bit of help too.

Harper needed a bit of help opening his gift.  It will be quite different next year!  I think he will LOVE tearing paper by then.

Daddy helped Rylin open her gift from Grandaddy.

Daddy helped Rylin open her gift from Grandaddy.

Mason and I enjoying our White Christmas from the inside.

Mason and I enjoying our White Christmas from the inside.

While the babies napped in the afternoon, George took the time to create some beautiful artwork for the boys’ nursery.  He painted a tree mural in the girls’ room, but we had trouble finding inspiration for the boys’ artwork until a few days ago.  He made custom frames from reclaimed barn wood then created brilliant, playful paintings of giraffe and elephant silhouettes.  I absolutely love how George can make all sorts of creative visions become reality and that his talent makes our home unique in a sea of cookie cutter houses.

He painted for the boys on Christmas, but the quads Christmas gift is yet to come.  His next project is creating a quad feeding table.  You can order quad feeding tables, but 1. they are expensive 2. they are atrocious looking.  Instead, we ordered red replacement seats for a ready-made quad table and George is going to custom fit them into another table with a bit more design flare.  We are hoping this will all be done in time for the babies’ six month birthday when they are supposed to begin eating solid foods!

Here's the front of our house dusted in snow!

Here’s the front of our house dusted in snow!

Here is the artist at work.  I thought this was the best scene.  George is here painting with a view of a snow dusted lawn and our dogs snuggled on the chaise lounge.

Here is the artist at work. I thought this was the best scene. George is here painting with a view of a snow dusted lawn and our dogs snuggled on the chaise lounge.

IMG_3315 IMG_3317

We rounded out the evening with a Baby Einstein Santa DVD and a reading of the Night Before Christmas.  I really enjoyed our pajama day Christmas at home and think it could be the beginning of a new family tradition.  What Christmas traditions do you hold dearly?



12 thoughts on “White Christmas

  1. Happy Jammie Day Christmas! First I love the first two pictures because I spy the keurig and the hand sanitizer! Quad baby essentials!! I must say George is very talented. Love the elephants and now want to see the girls artwork again. Also excited to see his quad table. He may have to go in business for Becky and I! Our annual Christmas tradition that started during our time of fertility treatments when we just needed a day by ourselves because we didn’t want to be reminded yet again that we were childless was to find the open Starbucks to enjoy a yummy cup of Christmas coffee. So today we went to church and then in the pouring rain found the Starbucks and took in all seven kiddos to enjoy our tradition. And you know what I answered everyone’s questions with a smile because this year I was far from childless and I remember five years ago I would have given anything to spend Christmas with our child. Merry Christmas to the SIX Shawvers!!


    • Lol, I love spotting quad essentials in others pictures too! I especially love seeing all the gear lined up.

      I read that you went to Starbucks Christmas Eve and now it makes sense! We were the same way. Last year we went to Puerta Vallarta for Thanksgiving. I am pretty much open to most questions from strangers because I never know if they are struggling with infertility too. I came up with a sassy answer for “are they natural?” Question though. I may say, “oh no, with quads it is always a c section!” That may make them realize what they asked, lol. Merry Christmas!


  2. It was a lovely White Christmas. Love George’s paintings. Never stop creating and the kids will someday be painting with you.


  3. We enjoyed sharing your holiday here on the blog. Keurig, definitely. And disposable cups nearby. How did anyone have higher order multiples without them? Love the snow photos! Warmest wishes for a happy & healthy New Year. Jane, the Quintessential Grandmother


    • The Keurig provides our fuel for the day! We’ve had it several years, but only when the quads came home did I start using it daily! Ironically, we don’t use any paper plates or cups because George can’t stand them! Chlorox wipes and Swiffer are absolute necessities though! Merry Christmas!


  4. Ooooh, when is your husband going to open an Etsy shop?? Cause I know he has a lot of free time between work and four babies! ha!

    Sweet Christmas scenes and beautiful paintings!


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