Over The Summer: {Staycation}

Believe it or not, the summer wasn’t ALL about the babies. Yes, it was mostly baby centered, but as a Father’s Day gift I arranged stay-cation for George and I. To my delight, Nisey, Grandpa, Terri, and Ed accepted the challenge to babysit overnight. Seriously, to leave four babies overnight, we needed four adults. On Father’s Day, George received a gift certificate for a date night including dinner and movie of his choice. Unbeknownst to him, we were also staying the night at the nearest Hilton, our first night away from the babies.

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Since he had Cart Blanche, George chose the new Star Trek flick. I’ll be honest, I remember the television series, but have never seen it or any of the previous movies. Consequently, I had very low expectations for the movie. Fortunately, it was far better than I anticipated. Plus, I got the background on Star Trek, which means I now understand the references on the Big Bang Theory. Following the movie, we enjoyed George’s favorite cuisine, sushi, at Sushi Zushi. I am not a fan of fish or really seafood in general, but Sushi Zushi, has a wide array of vegetarian/ vegan options I enjoy.


Because going out without four babies is a rare occasion for us, George and I did a little shopping after dinner. I snagged a few deals at Gap, and then we could not resist going to Carter’s. The majority of the babies’ clothes are either hand me downs or gifts so I rarely shop for them. Before the babies were born, I took a stance that I did not want to dress them in identical outfits. Instead, I wanted to celebrate their uniqueness. I often dress them in similar colors or coordinated outfits because it looks cute in pictures, but that’s where I usually draw the line. Going into Carter’s was an “Ah ha” moment for me. Parents of multiples dress their children in identical clothing because it’s easy! Carter’s was overflowing with adorable, inexpensive clothes for girls and boys. My head literally started spinning. Choosing four outfits of similar color schemes that were not identical was nearly too much for my quad mom brain. I thought I might short circuit so grabbed a stack of options I liked and gave George final say on what we purchased.  Here’s what ended up in our shopping bags-

We go out for date night and what do we do? Go shopping for baby clothes of course!

We go out for date night and what do we do? Go shopping for baby clothes of course!

Even though I despise driving, I volunteered to drive home following our date. George became irritated with my indirect route home through a parking lot, and was puzzled when I parked the car outside the Hilton. At first, he was slightly disappointed when he realized we were staying he didn’t kiss the babies goodnight, but quickly warmed up to the idea. Even though the babies sleep well at night, sleep is a precious commodity always in short supply for us. I think we both conked out close to 10 pm.  We had no chores to do or babies that needed tending, and we took full advantage of that. Naturally, we woke up at 7:15 am, right on cue. However, we did not get up to change, feed, or entertain anyone. Rather, we lazily enjoyed the morning before packing up to greet the babies back home. It may have been one night only, and near home, but our stay-cation was refreshing and much needed.  Thank you, Nisey, Grandpa, Terri, and Ed for taking care of the babies overnight.

Ahh, the quiet!

Ahh, the quiet!

What did you do over the summer?



6 thoughts on “Over The Summer: {Staycation}

  1. Staycations are awesome. I remember we did one and took a night off from the NICU. All the nurses were so excited we were taking some time to rest! We went to dinner and then, of course, shopped at Carter’s. Love their sales – the outlets are even better! Glad y’all enjoyed your overnight break.


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