Shawver Shenanigans

Shawver Shenanigans

If a baby changes everything….four babies turn life upside down! Being Type A personalities, George and I attempt to run a tight ship, maintaining a predictable schedule and keeping everything in it’s place.  I really like order.  Yet, quadruplets have a way of forcing us to loosen the reigns and be far more flexible.  We’re learning to roll with the punches more each day.  We often just have sit back and enjoy the ride, taking it all in stride.  If we took ourselves too seriously, we’d be in for a treacherous road.

When I review the snapshots taken in a week’s time, it’s apparent that our lives are full of shenanigans, but that is what enriches us and makes life full of JOY!  It’s a clear reminder why God thought quadruplets were just right for our family.  Here are some of my favorite outtakes from last week-

1. Sydney is undoubtedly clever.  She figured out the perfect way to stop a runny nose…


2. Saturday night we went to a friend’s surprise 30th birthday with the quads in tow.  In honor of the occasion, they were dressed in their cutest Halloween outfits, accessorized with boots and all.  I hoped we’d capture a an equally cute family snapshot.  Instead, we got this:


3. This is the reason I rarely change the quad’s sheets….



What’s shaking at your house?



6 thoughts on “Shawver Shenanigans

  1. Cute lead image! And yes, I think God smiled a little bigger when He brought four babies into your lives. I know he did with us, too! Four babies all at once certainly makes us learn to roll with the punches. While rocking Kailey for a peacefully quiet five minutes just a bit ago, I realized there are so many moments that I’m happy and content with everything in my life then I am stressed and overwhelmed. And I’m so glad to have fellow quad parents to share the ride with! Love that you post random photos, I’ve been doing that for awhile with my “Daily Pics” category that’s basically random images from the past couple weeks that reveal what we’re really up to behind the scenes. The Halloween outfits are adorbs even if the family pic wasn’t what you were going for!! xoxo


    • Thank you! I am constantly grateful for your friendship and being able to share the wild experience with you. I drafted this post several days ago, but was messing with the lead image so just posted today. Ironically, I saw your FB status update tonight and it rang true in my ears. Yes, our lives are totally overwhelming a lot of the time, but life really IS good. Becky once said something about God not making mistakes and I know she is right about that even when I feel full of self doubt.


  2. Hilarious!! I’m glad I’m not the only one that rarely changes baby sheets. It’s hard to roll with the punches sometimes, it’s something I have had to learn to do as well.


    • LOL, as usual, so glad I’m in good company with you. I literally only change their sheets when they’ve been sick or wet the bed. That’s terrible, but real. This time, I changed the sheets because I found the cutest new Chevron ones at Target 😉


  3. Parenting does this to you, whether you have your children in typical “stair step” fashion or God blesses you with multiples. But in your life it is happening at warp speed! I can’t even imagine. But I thank God for that blessing in your life (even though I know at times you are likely pulling your hair out) because I have been a SLOW learner in this regard. Only through our recent move, which was challenging to say the least, have I felt like I have really “chilaxed” as I like to tell my kids. And I have a nine year old. It is such a blessing to learn these lessons sooner rather than later. You’ll enjoy your kids more if you do. So congratulations on being a quick study. It will serve you well! I know I have missed some “moments” worrying too much about the order of my house, what I’m cooking for dinner, or all the items on my task list. Don’t do that 🙂


    • It really is warp speed with multiples. We noticed that when they started coming home. Over the course of a week, we changed our parenting from being first timers with a pack n play in room to all in their own rooms and cribs. I am sure trying to stay chilaxed because time passes so fast and I don’t wanna miss it!


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