The Inevitable

Much to my dismay the quads aren’t babies anymore, and they’ve verbalized this fact. Numerous times. This year will bring about many changes from toddler beds to potty training and increased independence.  Knowing these changes are upon us, we are always trying to bob and weave in anticipation of the next phase.

I’m clearly anxious about toddler beds because I have a recurring nightmare.  One, or more of the quads escapes their crib, opens their bedroom door, opens the playroom gate, opens our bedroom door and jumps into our bed.  I then frantically dart around trying to figure out the cause of the security breach.  It may not be nightmare caliber, but this is certainly not a welcome scenario for me.  I’m currently relishing these days where all four are safely tucked into cribs during naps and at night, and I know these days are finite.

Ideally, we will transition to toddler beds when the quads are mature enough to manage the responsibility and freedom that comes with toddler beds.  I also know that any one of them could climb out at any moment.  Consequently, we toddler proofed the rooms by strapping furniture to the walls, covering outlets, securing blind cords, and latching drawers.  Yet, I still feel angst about four toddlers having free reign in their rooms.

In preparation for toddler bed transitions, I started “room time” five to 15 minutes daily.  I split the pairs into their respective rooms with a few safe toys and go about my business while they play.  I use the baby monitor to spy on them periodically, and they’ve done well.  I’ve overheard bickering, but they’ve proven themselves capable of resolving issues on their own.

Today as room time approached, the four pack paired off independently and shut the doors themselves.  Rylin and Harper retreated to the girls room with the Klip Klop stable while Mason and Sydney flipped through a stack of books.  I typically take the girls to their room, and the boys to their room since that’s how it will be with toddler beds, but this arrangement seemed fine.  I thought it an ideal time for me to brush my teeth and tidy the kitchen.  As I brushed my teeth and odd scratched permeated the girl’s wall and I knew mischief was in the making.

As soon as I flung the door open, Rylin proclaimed, “Harper did it!”  Harper flashed a blue toothy grin as he revealed a bath crayon masterpiece all over the girl’s wall and dresser.  Rylin maintained her innocence as Harper took full credit as he squealed, “Harper draw it, blue!”  He was oh so proud.  I took a deep breath as I fished blue bits from Harper’s mouth and tried my best to explain that paper is the place for drawing.  Thankfully, we had one Magic Eraser that Harper (and I) used to wash the walls.

I don’t think a day will pass that I’m not organizing and preparing for the next phase.  Yet even with the best laid plans parenthood holds many inevitable moments.  Today it was our first crayon on the wall.    I’m sure many more will unfold and I’ll just try to preserve these moments in time as the inevitable.


Yes, there is an exposed outlet. Toddlers can remove the covers…must find more….


The Magic Eraser mostly removed the blue crayon, but I think we’ll need another to get rid of the blue haze.


This was a while after the blue crayon clean up, but there is still evidence wedged in Harper’s cheese face smile.  That grin makes Little Man easy to forgive.

Have you ever tried a Magic Eraser?





14 thoughts on “The Inevitable

  1. Oh, my goodness: not only are they TALKING, but they are expressing themselves artistically! I look forward to reading about the toddler bed adjustment. The quints are still in Pack ‘N Plays over in Papua New Guinea.


    • Goodness they are expressing themselves! I’m hanging on to cribs, but toddler beds are coming whether I like it or not.
      Oh, I bet you miss the quints. PNG is so far!!!!


  2. This reminds me too much of my 2.5 year old boy! My hubby has quite a few tattoos, so my son likes to give himself tattoos….with markers!! Washable?! Hmpf, it’s not that easy to wash out!
    We use Magic Erasers…but have you ever used Norwex? Their cloths are amazing!


  3. Bless it. Crayons on anything but paper drives me crazy. Not so much of an issue with my first two, but my third? He thinks the world is his canvas! I have several Magic Erasers but sadly, I’ve never thought to use them for this purpose. Must try it.


    • Isn’t it funny how different each if your kids can be? Yes- try the magic eraser! It was pretty good, I think I need another to get it all though.


  4. Magic Eraser is heaven sent! Love the pride and honesty! These days are numbered so, enjoy…my ‘babies’ are now 13 yrs and 16 yrs old….;)


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