Five Awesome Surprises for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up, so pull out all the stops to make your hubby feel special this year with these fun surprises. Your devoted hubby deserves to feel all of your love on his special day, and you can really knock his socks off with out-of-the-norm present ideas and shockers he’ll remember for years.

father's day gift ideas

  1. For the Vino Guy

If your husband loves wine, plan a fun winery trip where you both can taste delicious pinot noir, cabernet, and winery-specific blends. Dress up for the day, and spend some long hours gazing at beautiful vineyards while sipping away. If you can’t attend the winery on Father’s Day, break the fun news to him about your plans by presenting him with a customized bottle of wine from Etching Expressions. Tie a hand-drawn coupon to the neck of the bottle: “Good for one trip to the winery of your choice”. It’s a two-part present that he will adore and never expect.

  1. Take Part in His Favorite Hobby

Maybe you and your hubby don’t always have the same interest in hobbies, but Father’s Day is one day out of the year where all of his favorite things become all of your favorite things. Surprise him by purchasing a ticket to a game that you know he’d love to see, head to the golf course with him to whack away, or strap on that helmet and head into the batting cages. He’ll get to do the things he loves most with the person he loves most, and your thoughtfulness and selflessness will be a sentimental touch to an already wonderful day. Showing interest in what he loves is sure to make him feel cherished and validated.

  1. Whisk Him Away

Take your husband on a surprise weekend trip and get away from the stresses of real life. Sometimes we let so many other things get in the way of quality time together, and a quick vacation could be just what the two of you need to reignite that spark in your relationship. If you can’t afford to be away for an entire weekend, or your budget makes traveling just a bit out of reach, why not plan a staycation at a local hotel? Order a room last-minute on, head there early to fill the room with decadent snacks and any other things you think you’ll need, then wrap up a hotel key card and present it to him over dinner. Getting away from home can give the celebration an air of mystery and capture that excitement from the beginning of your relationship.

  1. A Visit from His Family

If you and your husband live far from his parents, siblings, or any other close loved ones, he likely misses them a lot. If you have enough time to plan a reunion, get in contact with his family members and friends and see what you can do to orchestrate a visit from his favorite people. If you find it too difficult to get all of them to you, do the opposite and plan a visit for the two of you to go out and see them. Present your husband with the tickets and watch his face light up when he realizes your plans. Even if it’s not for a date until way in the future, anticipation is half the fun.

  1. A Special Event

What’s your guy passionate about? Is he a musical savant that knows new songs before anyone else? Maybe he’s a sports buff that rattles off stats like he is the coach of his favorite team. Whatever he loves, try and find a special event in your area that reflects his passions. Check out to find tickets for an upcoming concert or game that you know he’ll love to watch, and wait until the night of to surprise him with them. Drive the two of you to the venue and watch as he slowly understands what’s happening—the reveal is half the fun anyway.




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Tooth Fairy Treasure Box

Tooth Fairy Box: Spray paint a mini wooden treasure box and have your child put it on her nightstand for The Tooth Fairy. She'll be thrilled to find treasure inside when she wakes up. ©

When she was about 18 months old, Sydney chipped her front tooth. At the time it was fine, and I expected it to remain until she was old enough to lose it.  It never caused pain, but poor Sydney often caught her lip on it and it irritated her.  When I took the kids for their semi annual dental exam in January, Sydney’s chipped tooth died and was becoming gray.  Dr. Roberts said it was still okay, but we should keep a close eye on it.  Last week, we returned for follow up and the tooth had abscessed, which meant it was time to have it extracted.  George took the day off work to manage the other three kids while I focused on Sydney at the dentist.

Even though pulling this tooth was simple, Sydney required sedation for her comfort and to keep anxiety at bay.  While waiting for the sedatives to take effect, I enjoyed snuggling my little cuddle bug.  Sydney was very brave and never complained about the process.  Even though she was losing this tooth in less than ideal circumstances, I wanted to make it special.  We talked about the tooth fairy and Sydney was excited to be the first one who would get a visit.


On the way home from the dentist, we stopped by Michael’s to pick up supplies for a tooth fairy door I spied on Pinterest.  We didn’t find the door we originally intended to buy, but instead I found adorable mini wooden treasure boxes on the wood craft aisle.  Sydney chose a beautiful shade of pink in a handy half can size, and I grabbed a shimmer spray for the top.  I knew the Tooth Fairy would appreciate a shimmery pink box!  I picked up three more boxes so the other kids would have one for the future.

Before bed, George read “The Night Before the Tooth Fairy” by Natasha Wing, and Sydney proudly put her Tooth Fairy box on her nightstand with her tooth inside.  I thought it would be much easier for the Tooth Fairy to open the treasure box from the nightstand rather than under a pillow.  I can imagine that flying undetected is hard work as is.


In the morning, Sydney was thrilled to find a sparkling dollar bill, gems, and a handwritten note from The Tooth Fairy in her treasure box.  While the other three kids didn’t receive treasure, The Tooth Fairy left them tiny notes reminding them to brush and floss their teeth.

Tooth Fairy Box: Spray paint a mini wooden treasure box and have your child put it on her nightstand for The Tooth Fairy. She'll be thrilled to find treasure inside when she wakes up. ©




More Tooth Fairy Fun:

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Curious Harper 

This is about Harper.  He was a good little boy, and always very curious…

As soon as Harper could crawl, he developed an immense curiosity about everything around him.  Once he could walk, and then climb we were in BIG trouble.  By the age of two, “dismantle” and “destroy” were part of his vocabulary.  His sisters often mention “mischief” and “shenanigans”.  He’s keen on taking things apart to figure out how and why they work.  I love this little boy’s zest for learning and his clever nature, but it exhausts me.   Every single day I struggle with finding consequences for his behavior that will not squelch his inquisitive nature.  His most recent endeavors include:

  • flushing two toothbrushes down the toilet, resulting in an entire toilet replacement
  • pouring a bottle of dish soap into a pot of Gerber daisies
  • squirting almost an entire tube of toothpaste into the sink
  • emptying a bottle of shampoo into the bathtub
  • dumping hair detangler in the sink
  • dismantling a toy helicopter, solar powered butterflies, Nerf bullets, and a Hot Wheels track
  • doling out snacks from the pantry
  • unleashing dust bunnies from the vacuum cleaner
  • shredding magazines
  • removing flaps from books
  • unrolling tape to make tricycle streamers



This time, Harper had a lesson on how the vacuum worked, but he’d already dumped it before.

I promise, I supervise him well and offer a variety of sensory and enriching activities to satisfy his thirst for hands on learning, but nonetheless, Harper is programmed for curiosity. Before going to bed, I say a prayer something like this:

“Dear God, please help me to appreciate Harper’s zest for learning and to treat him with patience and respect rather than anger and frustration.  Help him learn ways to be productive with this curiosity, and eventually use it to earn an honest living.”

Last week, Harper’s curiosity finally benefited me.  I noticed that his bolted-to-the-wall nightstand was askew.   Just before I started to press for an explanation, I decided to investigate it myself.  Though I have no idea why he pulled the nightstand crooked, I was ecstatic to find the treasure trove behind it.



In the company of a plastic sword, miniature road barrier, Christmas tree angel, and wooden fish, you may spy a kelly green iPod nano.  Why yes!!!  This particular iPod has been MIA since October.  Many months ago, Sydney took it from the dock and seemed to be handling it well so I let her play with it, but then it vanished.  When questioned, Sydney insisted it was “by the bed”.  After taking our bed, hers, and the boys apart, I gave up hope.  I missed this iPod especially when I wrote reports at work, or wanted to enjoy a particular playlist, but really I presumed it was flushed with the toothbrushes.  Harper was quite pleased with this discovery too.


 I can only hope that future investigations will lead to similarly wonderful discoveries. In the meantime, I’ll continue prayers for patience.






Easy Peasy Party Prep

After my sister’s engagement, I knew I wanted to host something special for her.  She and I chatted about ways to celebrate the upcoming nuptials, and decided a “Stock the Bar” themed couples shower would be fun.  Courtney and Matt have a close knit group of friends (something reminiscent of How I Met Your Mother) and we wanted the entire crew to be included in a shower.

George and I have always prided ourselves in making our home cozy and inviting to visitors, and that is especially true for parties.  When it comes to hosting parties, I tend to overthink, and over plan minute details, most of which probably go unnoticed.  Adding quadruplets to our family, made me rethink how I do many things to make life easier, and parties were no exception.  As I prepared for this particular party, I changed my game plan, making things MUCH easier on myself, while still throwing the perfect party.  It went so well, I’ll approach all future parties in this manner.

easy peasy party prep


  1. Invitations

In the past, I’ve used various online stores to design and create customized invitations.  After all, invitations typically set the tone for the party, and I personally love receiving party invitations.  I’m usually satisfied with whatever invitations I’ve created, but almost every invitation consumes a disproportionate amount of time.  Again, I over think details and spend time making too many tweaks.  I’m D-O-N-E with that!  Instead, I commission my friend, Amber, to design custom invitations that I either have printed at Costco on matte paper OR send electronically.  I highly recommend visiting Amber’s Etsy shop, Texas Take when you are ready to order invitations for your next soiree.  She has several ready to go designs in her shop, or she can create something based upon your preferences/ party theme.

2. Party Décor

This go round, I hit up Target’s One Spot, which was loaded with inexpensive yet trendy items that coordinated with the invitation.  In fact…when I ordered the invitations I already spied the party goods and it helped me decide on the color scheme.  Mini chalkboards, banners, and beverage straws helped bring the party together without much effort or expense on my end.  I also bought a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers from Costco, which made things bright and cheery.



I scored a ready made banner for $1 then added stickers from my collection so it matched the theme.





I found this bridal shower scratch off game from Target.  The winner took a bottle of champagne home.


3. Cleaning

Former party hostess me, would spend days, if not longer scrubbing EVERY inch of the house.  I’m talking, crazy stuff like wiping baseboards and dusting furniture in rooms people wouldn’t likely visit.  I’ve finally learned there’s a better way- short cut cleaning!  There’s no need to do heavy duty cleaning prior to a party because parties are messy (at least fun parties are).  Extra traffic means extra use of facilities and such.  I now spend most of my time touching up the bathroom by wiping surfaces with a Lysol wipe and cleaning the toilet the day of the party.  I’ll also do a quick dusting of the main areas, wipe counter tops, then vacuum.  That’s it!  My cleaning regimen can be knocked out in an hour or less.  I’ll then light candles so the house is filled with a warm aroma.  Walmart sells delicious smelling jar candles for just $3.49 each!  A few candles spread out strategically makes the house welcome guests.



4. Food Preparation

Food preparation is another area where I’ve labored too much.  For this party, I pulled a classy spread together from ready made items found at Costco. Crudites with hummus, fresh fruit, cheese and crackers complimented the theme perfectly with very little work.  My co-hostess and mom each brought a homemade dip too.  I also bought my first ready made cake from the Costco Bakery- it looked pretty and tasted decadent.



Chalk paper and a white pen from Target personalized the tablescape.


I saved money on paper goods by using our own glassware.  Cocktails were marked with washi tape.

5. Hosting

In an effort to keep guests comfortable, I used to hustle around refilling food, tidying up, and fussing over things, which kept me from enjoying the party.  This time, my food was all simple, and didn’t need much attention.  I charged George as bartender, and my co-host offered to be our cocktail waitress.  We used our own glassware and silverware, but used paper napkins and plates.  Then, I strategically placed trash and recycle bins outside and guests helped keep things tidy.  I left my camera on our bar, and let guests snap pictures during the party since I tend to struggle with photography during a party.  For the first time, I really got to enjoy the party as much as our guests, and clean up was relatively simple too.









Courtney and Matt have a wonderful circle of friends, and we are all excitedly awaiting their big day in May.



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Tonsurephobia {fear of haircuts}

About a year ago, I earned a coveted, “Mother of the Year” Award. It was the day before the kids were going to be in a wedding, and Harper desperately needed a haircut.  I checked him in at our neighborhood chop shop and loaded him into the van.  Though his first haircut was rocky, Harper eventually became tolerant of them.  When we got to the barber shop, Harper started digging his heels in and making a fuss.  I tried my best to soothe him, and even offered up a couple of bribes.  This kid needed his tresses trimmed BIG time and I needed cooperation.  Except he wasn’t going to cooperate.   The hairstylist suggested I hold him, and explained she formerly worked for a children’s salon.  She was familiar with upset children and tantrums didn’t bother her.  Against my instincts, I held Harper as enormous tears streamed down his cheeks.  He ended up with a great haircut, but I knew something wasn’t right.  Immediately following his haircut, I called the pediatrician and got an appointment for 15 minutes later.  My poor baby had a double  ear infection!  I felt terrible.  I forced Harper to endure a haircut while he was in pain.  After a round of medication, Harper was feeling better and ready for the wedding.  I felt horribly guilty for the hair cut fiasco, but didn’t think too much of it.


About six to eight weeks following the wedding, it was time for Harper to get a trim again. His ears were healed and he was perfectly healthy, except he developed a fear of haircuts, similar a taste aversion. He associated his unpleasant experience and pain with haircuts in general.  When we returned to the salon, Harper was distraught. Tears streamed down his cheeks and he began begging to leave. With a great deal of soothing, he agreed to sit in the chair, but when he spied the scissors, he began thrashing and shouting things like, “This shouldn’t happen!” and “Don’t do this to me!”  We ended up having to leave without a trim and his hair grew shaggy.

This process was repeated a few times before George decided to try his hand at hair styling.  Harper was not more comfortable getting a DIY haircut than going to the salon, in fact it was MUCH worse.  Harper became even more anxious about haircuts and thrashed about wildly.  His hair looked worse than ever as a result of random snips here and there.  At one point, Harper was rocking the “Dr. Spock”.  Any mention of a haircut or salon set Harper into a tizzy.  He was one step away from getting a Flowbee haircut before I decided to try a little desensitization therapy with him.  It took several months, but with several strategies, Harper is now much more comfortable getting haircuts.  He still doesn’t enjoy it, but he is not stressed or afraid of them, which is major progress.  Based on my observations of other children at salons, and hearing the tales from other parents, I know that a fear of hair cuts is a relatively common problem.  In fact, it is known as tonsurephobia.

haircut anxiety
After this difficult experience, here are my tips for helping ease anxiety about haircuts:

  1. Make small approximations at reaching the goal of getting a haircut.  For instance, maybe look at pictures of people getting haircuts or read books about it.  Then, visit the salon without getting a haircut.  Next, have your child sit in a chair while talking to a stylist or simply observing the salon.  If your child seems comfortable, see if they can tolerate getting their bangs trimmed.
  2. Legitimize feelings and explain that you understand he feels scared about haircuts.   Though the fear may seem trivial or silly, it is very real to your child.
  3. Go to a children’s salon.  It may cost a little more than popular chains, but the stylists are accustomed to working with little ones and often have a range of tricks (e.g. blowing bubbles, singing, working quickly) they use to make the experience pleasant.  Also, children’s salons are full of handy distractions designed to make children feel at ease- movies, games, car chairs, ect.
  4. Choose a time when the salon won’t be busy.  When a salon is crowded, it can be overstimulating, especially to someone who is feeling anxious.  I found that weekdays mid to late afternoon is ideal because older kids are in school and babies are napping.  If a weekday won’t work, try scheduling an appointment when the salon staff feels it will be least busy.
  5. Ask the stylist to let your child see and touch any tools used, including clippers that are running.
  6. Let your child observe someone who is at ease getting a haircut.
  7. Praise your child as he makes progress and offer small tangible rewards as he tries new things.

In addition to a fear of haircuts, we’ve experienced several other fears including elevators, hair washings, fingernail trimming, and car washes.  Each of these fears were eased with similar strategies, and are no longer major issues.





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A Texas Tradition

Here in Texas, we have a rich history filled with pride and tradition.  We Texans love the shape of our state, our lone star flag, our sports teams, and of course, our state flower.  Anyone who is a native, or naturalized Texan appreciates bluebonnet season when our beloved state flower creates a sea of blue along the highways.  During this time, Texans proudly snap family pictures in patches of bluebonnets.  I have fond memories of taking such pictures at my grandparent’s house each Easter.  They lived out in the country and had fields of bluebonnets around their house.  Sometime after they moved out of their house, we stopped taking bluebonnet pictures, and I actually can’t remember the last one our extended family took.

This season, the bluebonnets near my parents house were gorgeous and mom suggested we seize the opportunity to take the kid’s first bluebonnet pictures.  They had a grand time frolicking through knee high flora and smelling the sweet wildflower aroma.

This photo was my favorite of the foursome, and was surprisingly captured with my iPhone rather than our DSLR camera.


The tell tale sign of a roadside family photo is when an 18 wheeler is part of the backdrop….Ironically my sister’s fiancé works for  Perhaps it was a little homage to his employer.


Don’t worry…we got more sans truck!



Every family photo shoot ends with an obligatory “silly” shot….

Texas Bluebonnets

 Bluebonnet Fun Facts:

In 1901, the bluebonnet was adopted as the state flower.

There are actually five species of bluebonnet, and all are accepted as the state flower.

Bluebonnets peak bloom season actually is May to July

In the 1930’s, the Highway Department began planting bluebonnets along state highways.  Texas was the first state in the nation to plant flowers along the highways.

Texas State Wildflower Day is celebrated every April 24.


Does your state or province have any similar traditions?



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6 Reasons to Join a MoM Club

MoMs club

When I was expecting quadruplets, I was hesitant to join our local Mothers of Multiples (MoM) club.  I felt that since the majority of members were mothers of twins, or expecting twins I wouldn’t fit in.  Plus, I already had an online support group for mothers of higher order multiples.  In hindsight, I wish I had joined during the pregnancy because I probably missed out on support from a wonderful group.  I ended up joining our local group when the quads were about 15 months old, and at the time I was the first member with quadruplets though there were a few members with triplets.  Since parents of higher order multiples tend to “find” each other, I’ve recruited others in our area so I’m not the odd mom out.  I struggle to attend the group’s monthly meetings, but I’ve gained plenty from my membership.  Over the past few years, I’ve come to appreciate our club and recommend that parents expecting or with very young multiples join their local group.  My favorite perks include:

  • Playgroups

    In addition to organized playgroups, I’ve bonded with other members and we regularly schedule our own play dates.  It’s always nice to have play dates with other multiples since quads can easily take over a room.

craft at story time©©

  • Buy/ Sell/ Trade

    When the quads outgrow things (e.g. double strollers, coordinated or matched outfits) there is an automatic market for them amongst club members.  I’ve been able to sell items on our group’s page as well as at the semi annual consignment sales.  Plus, I’ve been able to purchase needed items from group members.  As a MoM, I always like it when our outgrown “sets” can be appreciated by another family.

  • Family Events

    Periodically, our club hosts family events.  These events are usually very low cost or are free.  They offer excellent opportunities for fellowship amongst parents and children.  I always appreciate our annual photos with Santa and the Easter bunny without having to wait in long lines or pay a hefty price tag.


Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch


  • Mom’s Night Out

    Several times each year, our club hosts a mom’s night out, which includes wine, snacks, and a fun activity (e.g. Painting with a Twist).  Just like family events, most of these events are either free or low cost.

  • Local Resources

    Whether I’m searching for the best medical specialist in our area, great places to host birthday parties, or places to take the kids for fun, our group will have a list of suggestions.  Chances are someone in the group has the intel I need.  It’s always nice to know when a MoM has vetted something.

  • Support

    Since I was a little late to join, I missed out on some of the support our club offers.  Members bring meals to new parents (goodness knows this is HUGE for parents with multiple infants).  For parents with babies in the NICU, there is a preemie closet that lends clothes to babies while in the NICU.  Finally, the group is full of sage advice about anything imaginable from getting babies to sleep through the night to deciding whether to separate or keep multiples in the same classroom.

 If you are a parent of multiples, or are expecting multiples but haven’t yet joined a MoMs club, click  Multiples of America: find a club to find one near you.  If you join a club, you are also a member of Multiples of America, which offers specialty support groups (e.g. higher order multiples, surviving multiples, multiples with disabilities, ect).


P. S. If you aren’t a parent of multiples, but have young children, there are other organizations such as Mothers of Preschoolers and Parents as Teachers as well as informal neighborhood and community Facebook pages that offer similar benefits.

Kid’s Emergency Car Kit

When the kids were almost two years old I started taking them out places on my own. I soon realized a diaper bag was too cumbersome.  It was hard work keeping up with four toddlers and managing a diaper bag was an unnecessary hassle.  However, being toddlers, they still needed emergency supplies.  I decided to make good use of my trunk organizer and fill it with things I’d find handy for accidents, particularly when we began potty training.

Kid's Emergency Car Kit

For each child, I filled a gallon sized Ziploc with a change of clothes, underwear (or pull up), and a spare pair of shoes.  Then, I labeled each bag and added them to my trunk organizer.  In the event of an accident, I could easily change a kiddo and seal soiled or wet clothes into the Ziploc.  In addition to the clothes, I stocked my trunk with paper towels, bottles of water, grocery sacks, baby wipes, Lysol wipes, old towels, and of course a potty seat with liners.




The Safety First potty seat is great for the car because it has a lid, which is handy for stacking.  If taken to someone else’s house, it also comes apart so a small seat fits onto the toilet and the lidded seat works as a stool.

Even though I don’t haul extra clothes and things in my purse, I have a small make up bag filled with a few essentials, particularly the kids’ epi pen and Benadryl.  

 On several occasions, George attempted to remove our emergency supply stash to free up trunk space since we never seemed to need anything from the stash.  I insisted we keep  them “just in case”, and was so happy to have them in the past few months.  While waiting in gridlock traffic to see Ice! at the Gaylord, Mason got car sick- all over himself and the car.  Within ten minutes, we had Mason fully dressed in new threads and the car was relatively clean.   He may have been wearing a faded t-shirt that read, “Happy Birthday to Me” and jeans with pink stitching, but they were clean.  Thankfully, everyone at the Ice! exhibit is given a giant blue parka, which successfully concealed Mason’s ensemble.

Gaylord Texan ICE 2015

I should’ve learned from that experience to pack better clothing since they could be used.  This week, Mason took a little dip in Nisey and Poppa’s koi pond and was soaked from head to toe (he was being well supervised and Poppa immediately fished him from the water or it could’ve been tragic).   Little man once again had to wear a less than desirable outfit, but he was clean and dry!  When I created our emergency stash of supplies, I expected it to be for potty accidents, little did I know how handy they’d be in other circumstances.

What do you keep in your trunk?  I’m thinking I should add spare clothes for myself…you never know!




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Feeling Blissful

This Easter the quads will be well dressed in pieces from the Bliss & Brahm spring collection.  Bliss and Brahm is a toddler clothing company created by Heather Hinkle, mother of boy/ girl twins.  Heather once struggled to find coordinating outfits for her twins and wanted the next generation of moms to have better options.  Though the original intent of Bliss & Brahm was for boy/ girl twins, you can easily mix and match outfits for kids of different ages, girl/ girl and boy/ boy twins, triplets, or more.   If you prefer matching outfits, no worries!  You can order two or more of the same outfit.  All items are handmade in the United States and come in sizes 12 months to 3T.   All outfits are about $25 each, which is quite affordable for boutique clothing.

I’ll be honest, the majority of the kid’s wardrobe is made up of hand me downs, sale items, and consignment finds so I don’t typically “splurge”, even $25 per child on an outfit since it costs me $100 plus accessories.  However, a few times per year for a special occasion or family photographs I’ll invest a little more than usual on their clothes.  Bliss & Brahm is perfect for these types of purchases.



Outfits shown from left to right: Two in Blue: Bliss Bouquet Dress $25, Azure Shorts & Crisp White Shirt $25, Gingham & Grace: Boy’s Button Down & Roll Ups $25

Right now, Rylin, Sydney and Mason all wear size 2T/3T, and Harper is in 3T/4T.  I ordered 3T for everyone, hoping there’d be growing room for the smaller three kiddos, and I was right.  Everything seems to fit true to size.  Harper’s fit him perfectly, and there is a bit of growing room for the other kids.  I suspect the smaller three kids will even be able to wear their outfits for two seasons.

I chose the roll ups for Mason since he’s thin and the waistband is adjustable as is the length of the pants.  I was impressed with the thick cotton fabrics used on all of the pieces because I know it can handle plenty of washings and wear.  In fact, Harper’s white shirt was put through the wash test after he got a huge pizza stain on the front of it, which resulted in numerous washings.  Even with all of these washings, it still looks crisp and fresh for Easter Sunday!



The kids clearly felt comfortable and cute in their new threads too.  They hammed it up for the camera and had no trouble using our playset or jaunting around the yard.   Who wouldn’t feel joyous in these cheerful, spring fabrics?  They won’t be allowed to wear these outfits again until Easter, but afterwards they’ll wear them for less formal occasions (e.g. out to dinner, play dates, birthday parties) and I know the outfits can withstand that wear.




If you’d like to shop Bliss & Brahm yourself, follow this link: Bliss & Brahm Etsy. 

You can also connect with them via Facebook here:Bliss & Brahm Facebook.

Happy Shopping!



Disclaimer: I would like extend a special thanks to Bliss & Brahm for providing product samples for us to try for the purpose of review.  No other compensation was received, and all thoughts/ opinions are 100% my own. 


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I work out.

I work out

There’s a cute little t-shirt design circulating around my moms of multiples group with vinyl lettering stating, “I work out.  Just kidding!  I have quadruplets.”  I’ve informed hubby this would be an excellent gift for me because it’s quite accurate.

After people discover I have quadruplets, the next question is often “How are you so small?”  I don’t have a gym membership, and I don’t work out,  but seriously I don’t need to.  I HAVE QUADRUPLETS.  It’s a workout every. single. day.  all. day.  I don’t have a FitBit or similar gadget,  but if I did, it would most certainly indicate that I walk a gazillion steps each day.  I literally do not sit down until I’m going to bed, and when I do I conk out fast.  When when we sit down for family meals, I find myself getting up numerous times to take care of various things.  If you’d like to know what a typical “easy” day for me is, check out my diary on Fort Worth Child, here.  (my entry ends at 9:15, but at that point in the day I’m usually up tackling chores or whatever until at least 11:00 pm, sometimes even midnight.)  Before Christmas, we went to ICE! at the Gaylord with my sister and her fiance.  Much to our chagrin, each of us ended up toting a child clad in a huge parka through the line and exhibit.  It was undoubtedly a challenge for all of us.  I got a huge chuckle days later when George, Matt, and Courtney all complained of burning biceps, but I didn’t even notice.  I’m apparently used to lugging an extra 25-40 pounds and my biceps are well conditioned.

Sydney at the Gaylord Texan ICE exhibit

Gaylord Texan ICE 2015

A typical day for me is a decent workout, and then I have intense weight training and cardio days, like Monday.  Harper and Mason bounded into our room at about 6:30 am, and we immediately noticed Harper’s eyelashes were covered in gunk.  Pink Eye.  Definitely pink eye.  After peeling myself out of bed, I logged onto the computer and requested an 8:00 am appointment with the pediatrician.  It was the first one of the day, early, but I wanted to knock it out.  Plus, we had a play date planned with our quad buddies, the Bells.  There was a miniscule chance this gunk was non-contagious allergies, and if so I wanted to keep our playdate.  After requesting the appointment, I started scrambling to get everyone ready for the day.  I was feeling pretty accomplished.  All kids were dressed and fed by 7:15 am, and I donned my “mom uniform” aka yoga pants and a pullover (perfect for a work out!).  At about 7:30 am, George called and in a flustered tone said, “You’re going to kill me!”  I couldn’t imagine what sin he’d committed so early.  In a rush to get to work, he mistakenly took my car keys instead of his own.  This would be fine except there is only ONE key to my Explorer, and even worse, George was too far from home to turn around.  Scenarios began rushing through my head.

  1. I could cancel the appointment.  It was probably allergies anyways.  Right?
  2. I could insist George take a half day, and request a later appointment.  I wanted this to be a good solution, but I knew it wasn’t.  He’d waste over half the day driving.
  3. I could load the kids into our EasyGo Foldable Wagon and pull them to the pediatrician.

Which would your choose?  Being a workout buff, I obviously chose #3!   I pulled the wagon from the garage and loaded the four into it and began huffing it.  I started strong, the sidewalk was smooth and flat, and I was energized.  And then I realized we live in a rather hilly mountainous neighborhood.  Heaving a wagon that outweighs oneself uphill most certainly counts as cardio and weight training.  Wheesh!  We made it to the office in 15 minutes, which wasn’t shabby.  I probably smelled awful and looked like I’d run a marathon, but we made it.  As we waited for the doctor to check Harper, I started wondering if she’d say it really was allergies or nothing to worry about.  I’d be seething if so….I’d loaded four kids into a wagon, walked uphill (both ways), and paid our copay.  This was one of those moments  when the kid needed a legitimate diagnosis.

quadruplets in the foldable wagon

This wagon was a Christmas gift from some friends, and it is nifty!  We parted ways with our quad stroller because the kids were unwilling to ride it in, but for long walks lost stamina.  This wagon folds flat and fits easily into our trunk, but fits all four kiddos!

When the doctor walked in she immediately noted, “I know which child I’m seeing today!”  She then examined Harper’s ears, eyes, and throat.  It wasn’t long before he had a diagnosis of conjunctivitis and a double ear infection.  Poor guy!  I felt bad that he was really sick, but it did legitimize our morning jaunt.  Since Rylin was beginning to show symptoms, a prescription was also called in for her (A-M-E-N).   With diagnoses made and prescriptions written, we were headed back home at last.   Pink eye is terrible, people.  Just terrible.  Sydney was taken victim two days later, and Mason is holding out but is probably doomed to the same fate.

We have two tiny bottles of eye drops to be administered one drop per eye THREE times per day PER kid.  Of course, these little drops while miraculous with their healing powers, are not appreciated by the children.  When they spy the bottle, they take cover and have to be wrestled like crocodiles.  We then drop one droplet onto closed lids because nobody will open their eyes for this fun.   Then we pray something gets onto the eyeball banishing the eye goop from our home.

In case you wondered how I stay slim without a gym membership, I have quadruplets.  It’s a workout just managing the day to day.

What’s nuts is I’ve walked the kids to the doctor and dentist on my own volition, not just because I didn’t have keys.  There was a time when the kids were so difficult to load into car seats that loading the stroller and walking was easier.  Plus, it was a workout.





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