Roid Rage!

We had a great appointment with Dr. Tabor today. Each baby performed for our ultrasound tech, Samantha, with movements and practice breathing. They were all reluctant to show off, but in time, they did. I am relatively certain they were sleepy after the four ring circus they had in my stomach earlier in the day.  Dr. Tabor did a bio physical profile aka growth scan for everyone. Sydney remains our little peanut, but she did grow. At this point, she is in the 15th percentile overall. However, we were assured that there are no indications of illness or complications. Dr. Tabor said if she were in the 5th percentile or below he would be worried. She is simply small because there just isn’t much room. Mason is just slightly ahead of Sydney, but within normal limits. Rylin and Harper are on track for singletons! Apparently, everyone but Sydney has a large head.  Don’t worry though, they are within normal limits. It does run in the family too….my Grandma always says my Dad had a HUGE head.  Actually, he still has a big head. I suppose large heads will help store all of their brains.

Here are the current weight estimates:

Baby A, Rylin: 3 pounds, 4 ounces

Baby B, Harper: 3 pounds, 5 ounces

Baby C, Sydney: 2 pounds, 2 ounces

Baby D, Mason: 2 pounds, 14 ounces

Dr. Tabor wants to give Sydney more time to grow in the womb before we deliver. Our goal is now 32 weeks and I will have appointments twice weekly. If I’m not being admitted, two appointments per week will reassure me that the babies are okay. Since we should deliver within two weeks, I got my first round of steroids today. They are administered when babies will likely be delivered preterm to help them develop surfactant, which is a liquid substance that helps them breathe easily after birth. I go back tomorrow for round two. The fun part about steroids is that they sting after administration for at least 10 minutes and cause contractions. My stomach has been pretty much taught since 5:00, it’s nifty. George said its all just a “Roid rage”! Oh, and these steroids will not help build my muscle mass, darn!Workout on the red carpet  If I want to get abs like this chick, I will have to do it the hard way.  Work out!  These steroids simply won’t help my physique.


Before we left, we had a slew of questions and concerns, which Dr. Tabor calmly put to rest. (I was planning to let him have it.  After all, I am totally uncomfortable and my body is protesting this.  Plus, I get scared being at home.) I told him I was constantly uncomfortable and having tons of contractions, but he said this was okay unless there was pain. I told him I have to take Tylenol pm to get any sleep at night and he said, “Okay”. We ran through what to watch for, when to come in, and when to call 911. He doesn’t plan to admit me unless contractions are painful as home is a better place to be. I am constantly amazed when I get more time at home. However, at this point I need more babysitters when George is at work because anytime could be “go time”! Thankfully, my Dad is off work for the summer, and he likes movies.


30 weeks, 1 day