House Arrest

Today started off with a bang! I spotted a very tiny bit this morning, which was slightly alarming. While George wasn’t concerned, I called Dr. Tabor to check in about it. He said, “Go to maternal observation at the hospital immediately”. Dr. Tabor doesn’t get worked up about things so if he says “don’t worry”, I don’t. However, the words “hospital immediately” are generally cause for concern. So George and I threw a “go bag” together and headed out to the hospital. We decided that since it was now our second run to the hospital we should have a better plan for the “go bag”, and make sure both cars always have gas (once again, George had the van in the red).

We went through all the check in business at hospital and they had me in a gown and hooked up to the Toco monitor like before. I wasn’t having contractions, which was great news. My cervix was also fine and we got a peek at the babies who were all happy as clams. YEAH! Dr. Bleich noticed that Rylin’s placenta is just barely touching the cervix so that could have been the cause of the spotting. However, because of this scare, my bed rest just got significantly more strict. I am to stay either in bed or on the couch for the day unless I need to go to the restroom or shower. No getting up to grab snacks in the kitchen, going in the nurseries, and definitely no trips to Target even with a power chair. George did his best to set up a good post in our bedroom in an effort to make it easy for me. He brought my office fridge and microwave beside my bed so snacks are about three feet away. I also have my laptop, i pad, books, notes, and credit card (for online shopping of course) on my bedside table. It’s not a bad set up by any means. I can do this! My goal is to stay out of the hospital as long as possible and of course keep from delivering before 30 weeks. (Pray for that please).



23 weeks, 2 days

17 thoughts on “House Arrest

  1. Praying for each one of the little darlings and you and George daily. God will get ypu where you need to be. Look how far you’ve come. You are amazing and strong. Nisey /mom


  2. Praying that you can continue to hang in there! By the way, are you posting in Australia or something? Because it says you posted on May 30, but it’s definitely still the 29th!


    • I have no idea why the time/ date are like that. It drives me nuts!!!! I’ve tried to change it, but can’t seem to fix it.


    • Thanks, Maureen! I am doing my best to stay in bed!!! Serioulsy, I don’t know how I would manage without the internet. It keeps me connected with the outside world and provides hours of entertainment!


  3. Sending my prayers!!! You and the babies can do it! And it sounds like you are set up for success, especially with the credit card close by 😉


    • Thanks for the prayers and encouragement! I also figured out that I could buy baby stuff with gift cards so that is fun and keeps George from getting mad about the credit card bill 😉


  4. I will be praying for you. You don’t know me, but I am following your story. my daughter is pregnant with quads also, with an original due date of december sixth. it helps to know what to expect in the future . thanks for sharing . (Ohio)


    • Thank you for the prayers! I made this a public blog for that very reason. I found TONS of encouragement (and still do) by reading about others with quads. I wish your daughter and her family the best in the journey.
      Tell her there is a group on Facebook called “quad moms and more” that is fantastic!


    • So true! I am certainly trying to do things I don’t think I’ll be able to do later like read, nap, and hopefully start digital scrapbooks.


  5. Hi Amber, I recently found your blog through Amber’s in Texas. I am currently 20 weeks (21 weeks Friday) with quads so I think we are close in weeks. So glad everything is okay with the babies but sorry about the more strict bed rest. I think we all dread the day we get that news. Can’t wait to continue following your little blessings.


    • Hi Krista, Congratulations to you! It is really nice to connect with others in the same place. Not many know what it’s like to have quads. I’ve really appreciated talking to Amber about “what’s to come”. Strict home bed rest isn’t as bad as I anticipated, I was really dreading it. Now I’m trying to stay out of the hospital as long as possible! Good luck and stay in touch!


  6. Hi Amber, I recently found you blog through Amber in Texas. I am currently 20 weeks (21 weeks Friday) with quads so I believe we are pretty close in weeks. So happy to hear that the babies are all doing well but sorry the bed rest has become stricter. I think we all dred the strict bed rest orders. I look forward to following your journey!


    • It’s true, the fact that the babies are doing well is all that matters. I can buck up and take strict bed rest orders for them any day!


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