Stupid Cupid


In case you were oblivious, Cupid has landed and love is in the air.  Apparently Mason spied the solar powered Cupid bobble head in the playroom window after he woke up.  He darted into the kitchen and in giddy tones proclaimed the following:

Mason-“I saw Stupid in the window!!!  It’s Valentine’s Day!”

Me- “What did you say?  You saw what?!?!”

Mason- (with a puzzled expression) “What’s that little Valentine’s angel named?”

Me- “Do you mean Cupid?”

Mason- “YES!  (giggles) I think I was speaking Spanish!”


Naturally this little Freudian slip unleased questions about the word stupid and resulted in a teachable moment about appropriate use of the word “stupid”.






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An Answer for Everything

I am constantly impressed with Rylin’s quick responses to life’s little conundrums.  For three years old her insight is impeccable though sometimes a tad sassy.


When we entered the playgroup with our local school district, the teacher greeted the girls.

Teacher: “Rylin & Sydney you look so pretty in your purple clothes, and your nails are painted to match!”

Rylin: “Actually, my nails are fuchsia.”  (and of course she was correct!)

Teacher: “I think she’s mastered colors.”


When Grandaddy and Aunt Carol were babysitting, Grandaddy was going to the grocery store.  Harper begged to go too.

Grandaddy: “Harper, you can’t go because I don’t have a car seat for you.”

Rylin: “Next time, you could ask my mom and dad to leave a car seat so he can go.”


At birthday party another child spilled a cup full of water, which spread all over the table.

Rylin: “Little kids probably shouldn’t have open cups.”


Oh how this little lady is keeping us on our toes.  She’s attentive to everything around her and is listening even when you think she’s not…






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Peppermint Mocha

During the holiday season we took the kids to Starbucks for a hot cocoa date and ordered a peppermint mocha for the adults.  When Sydney batted her big brown eyes and begged for a sip, Daddy obliged. Her thoughts on the beverage….

“Mmmm, coffee!  It tastes like chocolate toothpaste!”


A toothpaste flavored beverage doesn’t sound particularly enjoyable to me, but Sydney seemed to enjoy it, and I thought it was a good peppermint mocha.


What will these kids say next?!?!






Quadruplets Quoted

The kids have been rather gregarious for a while now, but in recent days they’ve been coming up with some hysterical and sometimes heartwarming material.  In fact, I purchased a blank journal for each of them and have done my best to jot down our favorite quotes.  If you follow us on Facebook, you may have seen a few cute ones posted.

This gem comes from Harper.

Harper was busily playing with his rescue vehicles when he announced,

Harper: “Mom!  The fire truck and ambulance are having a baby!”

Me: “Oh really…What kind of baby?” (I was thinking boy or girl)

Harper: “They had a train!”

Harper and the happy new family!

Happy Friday! Stay tuned for more quadruplets quoted…



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