Class Full

Having high order multiples, or even just a large family, poses certain challenges. One of those challenges is with extracurricular activities, especially for toddlers and preschoolers- think budgeting, class times, transportation, supplies, ect.  When the kids were babies, and then toddlers, swimming lessons were out of the question. It would’ve been impossible to attend “Mommy and Me” classes with one Mommy and four babies. By age three, the kids were eligible for group swimming lessons, but it seemed daunting, and I didn’t believe they’d generalize skills from one year to the next.

Now that the kids are nearly five years old, and headed to kindergarten in the fall, I decided it was time. I began researching local swim schools. I poured over pricing, class times, student teacher ratio, and location. Once I determined the swim school, I had to contend with the enrollment process. With swimming lessons, the maximum class size is typically four students, meaning our kids would comprise an ENTIRE class. On one hand, this was great news because our family basically got a private class, but it also meant securing such a class. I contacted the owner of our chosen swim school about our crew.  He was able to create a class for us, but we had two wait two months for it to open, and it was in the evening.  We didn’t mind the wait since there was a small multiple student discount, and our kids could be in one class.

In order to hype the kids up about their upcoming lessons, we went shopping for supplies, which included swim suits, swim caps, and goggles. The swim suits were an easy sell, but swim caps and goggles were a bit more challenging. Thankfully, we found adorable kitten and shark swim caps and goggles in the kids’ favorite colors.

When the big day arrived for the first lesson, the kids were stoked and got dressed nearly two hours early.  Before class, they watched other kids taking lessons and eagerly awaited their turn.

At the start of class, the instructors called each of our kids by name. Much to my surprise, they immediately reported for class and hopped right in the water. Despite a history of fearing water and screaming over being splashed, they quickly warmed up to the class and instructors.

Because the class is in the evening, we discovered it was best to shower the kids at the gym and dress them in pajamas. Then, they have a snack on the way home. This allows them to brush teeth and get to bed on time, which is a huge win!



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Community Pool {Summer Bucket List}

Our neighborhood boasts a lovely community pool with a kiddie pool that we rarely use. Other moms have invited us to join them several times, and I’ve politely declined each invitation.  Taking four small children near water is terrifying and I’m only comfortable if we have a 2:1 child to adult ratio. The few times we’ve taken the quads swimming in larger pools, puddle jumpers were a piece of mind, but even with them the quads need very close supervision until they are strong swimmers.

George had a week off from work, which was the ideal time for us to visit our community kiddie pool.  Because the water is 12 inches deep in the kiddie pool we didn’t use puddle jumpers.  We had the place to ourselves making supervision MUCH easier.  This outing reminded me why we are extremely cautious around water.  Three of four kids lost their footing in the shallow water and went face down.  We were always close enough to perform a rescue, but it scared me nonetheless.  I think it helped the quads maintain a healthy fear of the water. Even though I’m gaining confidence taking the quads places myself, swimming is not an activity I plan to do solo anytime soon.



The quads had a blast filling their watering cans then pouring them repeatedly

community pool

Rylin spent most of our visit scowling in a lounge chair, and therefore she was never photographed in the water.  Fearless Sydney was the only brave soul willing to stand under the mushroom.

community pool

I’m glad we used our community pool at least once this summer, but I’m not sure we will go back until next year.  I was on edge the entire time.

  1. Movies
  2. Sea Life Aquarium
  3. Train ride
  4. Fire station tour
  5. Library story time
  6. Sprayground
  7. Zoo
  8. Bahama Buck’s
  9. Frozen yogurt
  10. Community pool
  11. Grill dinner outside
  12. Water Table
  13. Inflatable Pool
  14. Sprinklers
  15. Ice Cream
  16. Indoor playgrounds
  17. Lee’s Grilled Cheese
  18. Blow bubbles
  19. Chalk drawings
  20. Board games
  21. Play dates
  22. Summer Reading Club
  23. Dance classes
  24. Fireworks
  25. Sleep over with grandparents
  26. Nature Walks
  27. Bounce house
  28. Popsicles
  29. S’mores
  30. Sparklers
  31. Water pistol duels



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