Mental Declutter


I know…. It’s been months since I last spent time here, and coming back was surprisingly hard.  After Christmas I was feeling “cluttered” by not only physical things, but mentally.  We tackled a few home organization projects, which helped ease my anxiety about stuff.  The mental clutter was far heavier for me, creating feelings of angst and discomfort.

In this season of life, my mind is constantly racing. At any given moment my brain whirs, I might be thinking about

homeschool activities

social commitments

keeping up with household chores

impending deadlines at work

the political climate

home maintenance

our budget

Each of these things is important, but the list is literally endless.  IT’S TOO MUCH!!! I’ve found that my mind needs time to rest, space to be silent. Knowing this, I finally returned to my yoga practice. Prior to having the kids, yoga was part of my life- I came to my mat several times weekly, nurturing my body and mind.  Unfortunately, life got in the way. I allowed barriers to keep me from yoga: my new body, childcare, to-dos, budget, and of course time.

I struggle with practicing yoga independently and need an instructor, but getting to a studio wasn’t in the cards (remember those barriers?!?!?)  I checked out a few DVDs from the library and wasn’t impressed.  Next, I started streaming videos from Amazon Prime and discovered Yoga Merge.  I’ve found a good variety of practice options with Yoga Merge that I chose based on my time and particular needs (e.g. stretching, relaxation, restoration, ect).  During my practice, I finally let go of my to-dos and worries.  After practice, my mind feels clear and I’m energized, ready to tackle what awaits.


I know this mental clutter is not a struggle for me alone.  I see it on the weary faces of my friends, family, and co-workers.  In this society, we are constantly bombarded by stimuli and pressure to do.  If you don’t already have an outlet for mental clutter, I encourage you to try yoga at a gym, studio, or at home.  If you’ve never practiced yoga, it can feel awkward at first, but don’t give up too quickly.  A good place to start is Beginner Yoga | 10 Yoga Poses Every Beginner Should Know, or you can visit Yoga Merge where you’ll find basic information about yoga and a few free videos to stream. Please don’t let barriers keep you from trying yoga, or finding another outlet for letting go of mental clutter.  You deserve it.




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During my senior year of college, my roommate, Neha, and I discovered the wonderful world of yoga.  For a mere $30/ semester we could take unlimited fitness classes in the student activities building.  We dabbled in different activities including Pilates and Nia, but I fell in love with yoga.  Our instructor was from India and spoke with a delightful British accent, which was probably enough to warrant attendance.  Prior to class he gave brief talks about the benefits of yoga such as what poses helped cure headaches or digestive problems.  While we really enjoyed practicing yoga, the best part were the benefits seen after class.  I always left yoga feeling both relaxed and energized.  Upon graduation, I wanted to continue practicing yoga, but yoga studios are rather expensive (oh about $15-20 per class!)  I went without yoga for a few years until I discovered that 24 Hour Fitness offers yoga classes with excellent instructors.  I was hesitant to go there expecting sub par instruction, but was pleasantly surprised.  The two years prior to my pregnancy with the quads, I enjoyed yoga 3-4 times per week.  It made me feel healthy and also confident when I accomplished new poses such as side crow and headstands.  My yoga practice came to a screeching halt after my first appointment with the perinatologist and the bed rest soon followed.   Since delivery, I’ve continued to battle my Diastasis Recti (split abdominal muscles) and cannot practice yoga the way I used to (not that going to class is logistically possible now anyways).  The majority of yoga relies on core muscles which I lack so I’m pretty limited as to what I can do right now.  I am, however, working on rehabilitation exercises and wearing a splint (when I can tolerate it) to correct my problem.  Until then, I’ve got to take it easy.  Even though I can’t practice yoga regularly, I’ve noticed the babies seem to!  George and I often label their poses as we catch them in action.  I’m loving that!  In case you’d like to take up yoga yourself, the babies demonstrated some of their favorite poses-

09-IMG_4268 07-IMG_4632 10-IMG_4270 04-IMG_4682 03-IMG_4687 05-IMG_4505 06-IMG_4720 08-IMG_4721 02-IMG_4663 01-IMG_4674



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