Adventures in a Mini Van

This week we had another good visit with Dr. Tabor for our 19 week check up.  My appointment was at 4:45 and I arrived at 4:45 sharp.  However, when I came in the office, the receptionist exclaimed, “There she is!”  I checked the clock twice and replied, “It’s 4:45.  That’s my appointment time right? Is everyone trying to get home since it’s almost 5:00?”  The receptionist said, “Oh yes it is 4:45, but Dr. Tabor was worried about you.  I was about to call your cell to see if you were okay.”  I thought that was so sweet that he cared about me enough to worry!  Anyways, my vitals were all good, the babies were the right size and had good fluid levels so no bed rest!  I keep expecting for my appointment to be the one where I lose my freedom, but continue to be surprised.  Rylin is still situated a little bit low, but it’s still not a huge concern right now, he says there is still time for her to migrate upwards.  Dr. Tabor pointed out the silver lining about her position: if I were to dilate, I would bleed and know I dilated so I’d come in right away. Otherwise, I might not know if I dilated and keep up with business as usual.  Dr. Tabor had me book appointments every week through the month of May, which I thought was funny, but also really convenient.

If only Saturday had gone as smoothly as my appointment.  George and I woke up relatively early, ate breakfast and decided to peruse the community garage sales for baby containers (that is what I call things like swings, bouncers, and seats, which I think we need lots of).  We didn’t want anyone scooping up anything we would want so we didn’t bother getting ready.  We basically got dressed and brushed our teeth. (We were looking good! Ha!)  George thought it would be best to take the van in case we stumbled across something large, but pointed out that we didn’t have much gas.  He said it would be okay if we stayed close though, after all there was probably a 1/8 of a tank.  Mind you, I like to fill up when my gas gauge is at 1/4 of a tank just to be safe.  We stopped by a few sales but found nothing.  Then we saw one that seemed to have several baby containers so we stopped.  George didn’t bother to park very well since we were just stopping by.  He was sort of far from the curb and halfway parked in front of a driveway.  As it turned out, there was a fantastic swing with all sorts of nifty sound and swing settings.  It could chirp like birds, sound like the rolling ocean waves, or play lullabies- very cool.  We scooped up that treasure then loaded it in the van.  There was a problem, however.  The van we bought two weeks ago didn’t start.  The radio played and the instrument panel worked, but it didn’t start.  I leaned over to check the gas gauge and it was registering below zero.  On the van, there is a label for a full tank and 1/2 tank with tick marks in between.  Then, there is a thick red line labeled zero.  That is where the needle fell- below the zero.  Of course, I gave George the speech about filling up the tank at 1/4 to be safe and how emptying the tank can cause fuel injector problems.  He begrudgingly walked back to the house to pick up our lawnmower gas.  It wasn’t much, but should have been enough to start the van, but it didn’t!  The neighbor hosting this particular garage sale kindly shared her lawnmower gas, but to no avail.  George had to walk back home again to pick up the Accord so we could drive to the closest Quick Trip to fill up as many gas tanks as possible.  I just knew it was out of gas.  George filled up the tank, but it still didn’t start!  ARGH!!!!  George hotly called the Volkswagen Roadside Assist number and they determined it would need to be towed to the nearest dealership.  Okay, this was getting embarrassing.  45 minutes later, George hopped up into the tow truck for a ride to the dealership.  I felt bad to make him take care of it all, but I had a hair cut appointment because we were reading scriptures in a wedding that evening.  The dealership ran diagnostics and determined the battery was low.  They jumped it and George drove it home.  Why didn’t we think of that?  Oh yeah because it is our new van!  I had a huge helping of crow to eat… However, when it was time to go to the wedding, the van wasn’t starting quite right, which meant we would need to take the Accord.  Except, George noticed there was a nice nail in the front right tire.  We had a gamble to make: take the van with a questionable battery or the Accord with a nail that could result in a flat tire.  George made an executive decision to take the car, and thankfully there were no more hitches in transportation.  This morning we spent a good chunk of time at National Tire and Battery taking care of the two sick cars.  Turns out the van’s battery was totally dead so we replaced it and now it’s good.  They plugged the tire and it’s good.  So, we had our first adventure in the van and we weren’t even on a road trip!  I hope we’ll make better memories with the van in time.




3 thoughts on “Adventures in a Mini Van

  1. Glad it turned out ok and that it wasnt with 4 screaming kids. Better to learn now than later. And! Glad to hear your appt went well – hadnt seen ya around school – started to wonder. 🙂


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