Emotional much?

It is official, my hormones are in overdrive and I am an emotional roller coaster these days.  Here’s how the past two days have gone for me:

Yesterday we had our 20 week check up and it was GREAT!!!  Again, the babies are all the right size with good fluids.  Of course Rylin has not yet decided to head further north, but it’s okay.  I’m thinking she got a bit of the stubborn gene.  My vitals were also good.  I managed to hold off on another week of bed rest.  I left feeling very confident.

About 9:30 last night, less than four hours from my appointment, I started having Braxton Hicks contractions.  They weren’t painful, but my stomach was absolutely tightening.  This of course made me feel anxious and not so great.  I phoned a few friends and then decided to call the on-call doctor.  She said to drink water/ lay on my left side and if the continued for 30 more minutes to head to the hospital.  UGH!  She also thought my anxiety might be making them worse so I opted for a warm bath.  It helped, the contractions stopped and I was able to get to bed.  Okay, disaster averted.

This morning started off as usual with the rush hour nightmare that is my commute, but there was also a wreck where two highways merge so it was completely gridlocked.  I knew better than to get on the highway when I saw the sea of red taillights so I opted to stay on the service road and take some back roads.  The only problem was I wasn’t the only one with this brilliant idea.  The stop and go of the commute made me queasy so I felt rotten by the time I got into the building (I possibly had a green tinge to my face too).  What should have taken about 25 minutes took well over an hour.  I immediately headed to the  school nurse (she was a high-risk OB nurse before coming to the school system) to ask her about how to correctly monitor contractions and what to look for.  She immediately noticed I felt bad and naturally inquired.  Of course, this set me off into a crying spell for no apparent reason.  Sweet Nurse Patty sent me to my office with a blanket and literally made me rest on my side eating ice chips to calm me and settle my stomach.  However, throughout the day when certain people would stop in or I would start talking about something (not sad), tears would start flowing for no reason.  But, the good news is that I did survive the day and managed to finish a report!


This picture really doesn’t fully capture the gridlock fun I experienced, but it’s an idea. ARGH!!!!

This evening when I got home, George was very thoughtful and made Chex mix for me.  That was the perfect way to wrap up an overly emotional day for me!  However, as he was making the Chex mix, I decided to catch up with my emails and blog reading.  Of course, someone posted a You Tube video about a man who was a disabled veteran who was told he could never walk again. As I watched videos of him learning to walk again and then practice yoga, tears streamed down my cheeks!  However, as I bawled, I simultaneously laughed at myself!  I knew it was silly, but could not stop either.  It is like a lucid dream, so weird.  I managed to get it together and enjoy watching some Big Bang Theory with George as I stuffed my face with Chex Mix.

He has the keys to my heart!

George is so smart…he suggested that I head to work extra early to beat rush hour and leave early to get home before rush hour hits again.  Why didn’t I think of that???  So, here’s to a better day tomorrow perhaps with less gridlock.  Just maybe…I’ll be able to control my emotions.



13 thoughts on “Emotional much?

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your emotional stress. I don’t remember having much hormonal surges with my pregnancies after the first trimester, but then I never carried 4 babies. We love you.
    One good thing…..school is almost out.


  2. I never had morning sickness. I would get sick on my drive home from work every day. It was awful. Your strong hormones are great for the babies! Just know that every time you cry that Your body is doing what it should to take care of those precious 4 little ones of yours! Glad you have another week of no bed rest! Can’t wait for your shower on Saturday!!!


    • Thankfully I haven’t had too much morning sickness, but stop and go traffic really does it! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow 🙂


  3. Love you Amber. Sorry your day was so crummy.Remember hormones cause a rollercoaster of emotions in any pregnancy and even a normal monthly cycle.You are surrounded by people that love you and will do anything to help.Give George a hug for me. Can’t wait to see you this weekend and get some things done. A HUG FOR YOU THIS MORNING. I love you. MOM


  4. Girl, gotta share this with my hubby… he sometimes hints lovingly that I have been overcome by aliens because of my crazy mood swings. I am thoroughly convinced, already having a single pregnancy, that having 4 babies is 4 TIMES THE HORMONES AND MOOD SWINGS! Rest easy! I will surely be bawling and laughing simultaneously along with you for otherwise mundane reasons. Glad the 20 week appointment went well!!! 🙂 Keep it up!


  5. You are doing great! I can’t believe you are still going into work at 20 weeks. I just couldn’t have done that. I know I am no doctor, but those contractions are normal for us all to have. Almost all the quad moms I know and have talked to throughout my own pregnancy reported having contractions that earlier… it’s that rolling tightening sensation like the babies are balling up or something. And many of us started having them around 20 weeks, I know I felt my first ones during that time period. Rest, staying off your feet, tons of water and staying calm truly help calm them – I do it all the time now in the hospital and it works! Just TAKE IT EASY and keep growing those babies, you’ve got this!


    • I can’t believe I am still working either! I keep surprising myself. Now i wonder if I can finish the school year….I figured the contractions were normal, but they still made me uneasy.


  6. Once you’re pregnant and have kids, I think your emotions/hormones are never the same. I’m much more emotional post pregnancy/child than I was before…and that traffic can make us all sick and cry even when we’re not pregnant. It’s so bad!

    These comments from Lisa crack me up. I remember her still working when pregnant with her twins. She was uncomfortable, feet swollen and propped up, keyboard resting on her stomach and I believe she put off going to the hospital for awhile just to finish a report first. LSSPs certainly have dedication. At least most of your job is very low energy except for your fingers typing away 🙂


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