We’ve Got a Pillow Situation

As the babies and I grow larger, sleeping is becoming increasingly interesting.  I have this fantastic set of pillows that make it all work, at least as well as you could expect.  You see, I have one maternity noodle-shaped pillow called a Snoogle that goes under my head, runs the length of my body and curls back up to go between my knees.  It’s enormous, but it’s not all I need.  I have a regular pillow to put at the top of the Snoogle for my head plus a down pillow to hug.  Plus, I have this nice little wedge pillow that fits in the space between the mattress and my stomach.  Without that wonderful little wedge, the weight of my stomach pulls downwards and just plain hurts.  I get it all “just right” and sleep for a bit when of course….nature calls.   It’s not terribly easy since I can’t just sit up or roll over.  I have to use my arms to heave myself up, move all the pillows over and eventually slither out of bed.  When I return, about half the time a dog has snuggled herself into my pillows so I have to move her, re situate everything and it all begins again.  George and I joke that I’m just practicing getting up in the night and back to sleep for when the babies arrive.  I can only imagine how much more “fun” this will become in the approaching weeks!



This is how my pillows begin when I get into bed.

This is what happens in the night.

4 thoughts on “We’ve Got a Pillow Situation

  1. Heh, my dog loves my snoogle too, but it’s not too bad. 🙂 Isn’t it amazing how GONE your abdominal muscles are? I was shocked and appalled during my first pregnancy. Not sure why it was such a surprise, but I couldn’t believe how much like a beached whale I felt! This time I knew it was coming, but it’s still depressing.


  2. Love it! I had a similar set up. Took forever to get in and out. I literally roll like a porpoise to get in and out of my hospital bed now. It’s a pretty sight!!


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