Making the Most of It

Bed rest to this point hasn’t been completely terrible (all six days of it).  Fortunately, most of the time either George has been home or my mom’s been here so I haven’t had to be alone too much.  That really helps.  I have a hard time asking them to constantly do things I feel like I could do myself.   It’s little things like refilling water, getting the phone, putting my dishes away, and doing laundry.  However, it’s so important that I don’t get up any more than necessary since too much activity is what triggers contractions.  George is generally not the best nurse when I’m sick, but he’s been great with this bed rest stuff.  He usually gets onto me if he thinks I’m up too much and never lets my Tervis tumblers go empty.  Being so sedentary has me a little freaked out about muscle atrophy.  A while back, I asked Dr. Tabor about “bed exercises” and he just shook his head so I guess that is out of the question.  I am soooo glad that I worked out a lot pre pregnancy at least.  That has to help, right?

Today, George took me to his Dad’s house so I could relax in the pool.  I have a maternity swimsuit from my cousin, but the top is way too tiny so I put  what used to be a baggy yoga tank over it.  Two weeks ago when I tried it on, it fit perfectly, but now the tank rides up a bit.  It didn’t matter though, being in the water was GREAT!  Not only did I get to see the light of day, but the water relieved the pressure of all the extra baby weight I am carrying.  Obviously I didn’t swim, I just totally relaxed in the hot tub part of the pool.  For those of you inclined to worry we had the temperature set in the low 90’s (e.g. lukewarm bath water), I had tons of spf 50 on myself, and I drank approximately 72 ounces of water in less than two hours.  When we got home I took a nice two-hour nap!  I am hoping we can get in the pool again soon.  It was really nice.

Poolside lunch served by the Cabana Boy (aka FIL)

Living it up in the pool!

Tomorrow I am left to my own devices until my Father-in-Law drops me off at Dr. Tabor’s office.  I have a decent list of sedentary things to do while I am parked on the couch: write thank you notes, read The Hunger Games, fill out disability insurance forms, catch up with blogging, start digital scrapbooks for the babies, and go through the cards we’ve received.  I will probably do some of that tomorrow, and watch some daytime TV trash too.   George stocked the fridge with prepared snacks to reduce my getting up and standing time.  Let’s just hope I don’t start getting cabin fever anytime soon.



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4 thoughts on “Making the Most of It

  1. The Hunger Games are really good! If you get caught up in it you’ll probably spend the whole day reading!!! The pool looks very relaxing, glad to hear you enjoyed it! Hugs


    • the pool was really nice. Mi read chapter 1 of the hunger games and liked it so far. It is a good diversion for my mind.


  2. Sounds like you are doing everything great, like you are suppose to! Good to heat you have such awesome family support!


    • my family is great. I could not do this alone. Speaking of alone…being alone today was much harder than the other days. I have to remember that in the scheme of things, it is only a short time.


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