Going Co-Ed

My cousins, Jennifer & Lindsay, hosted a co-ed shower for us this past weekend.  Since we are having quads, we wanted to include all of our friends and family in preparation for the babies so we thought it would be fun to make one shower co-ed.   Unfortunately by the time this shower rolled around, I was already on bed rest.  UGH!!!  Just hours prior to the shower, Lindsay’s air conditioner went out!  She called an HVAC company through Home Warranty and tried to use me as an excuse, but to no avail.  They basically said since I didn’t live their it wasn’t a priority.  So much for getting some quad sympathy this time.  Luckily the weather was relatively mild and the shower was in the evening so I didn’t over heat.

I found a post in Lindsay’s club chair and propped my feet up on an ottoman, which worked pretty well.  George made sure to keep my drink glass filled with H2O and brought me plates of the yummy Mexican food that was served.  Our guests played this cute little game where they had to guess what quad fact might go with a series of random numbers (scary ones for us like how much we will spend on formula this year and how many diapers we will change).   My bed-resting self gave George an opportunity to open gifts, which was cute.  I loved seeing him open packages and then trying to identify what he opened (he was surprisingly good at it).  He had a little trouble with bottle nipples, but identified pacifier clips!  By the end of the evening, I secretly wanted to load Lindsay’s chair into the van when we left, it was so much more comfy than our couch.


Amber (& George)

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2 thoughts on “Going Co-Ed

    • iJointing know it is insane….4 so far. If we were having one I wouldn’t have so many. Even with four showrs, we still need a lot.


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