Today we had an appointment with Dr. Tabor to check on little Sydney. She and her siblings were champs! I, however, was the problem child. My blood pressure was high and there were traces of protein in my urine, which are precursors to pre eclampsia. Dr. Tabor ordered bloodwork and my platelet counts were low. Thus, I was admitted. At this time, my vitals are being monitored every four hours and I am completing a 24 hour urine analysis to check protein levels. I will have another blood draw this evening to check platelets. If they are low, we have to deliver tonight! If my platelets are ok, my vitals will be checked and delivery will occur if pre eclampsia is a problem. Dr. Tabor is thinking by Saturday! It is surreal how close we are to meeting our babies. Please keep us in your prayers as we approach delivery.



Here is my blood pressure


While waiting for my results, George decided to clean his key chain Swiss Army knife and sliced his finger! Sheesh!


30 weeks, 4 days

11 thoughts on “Admitted!

  1. You are over 30 weeks, you have done amazing! Hope all goes smoothly in the next few days! Congrats on the upcoming new additions to your family.


  2. Praying for a safe delivery!! So excited for you to see those babes! We’ll be anxiously waiting to here any news!!


  3. I’m in France and have been keeping up with your journey ever since you got your BFP back in January. I’m sending you and those four little ones all kinds of positive energy and warm thoughts.


  4. Way to go George! Amber you and the babies are in our thoughts and prayers. Can’t wait to see the pictures of your littles! Eeeek I’m so excited for you!!!


  5. Congrats! I didn’t even know y’all were expecting until Becca posted something on fb. I’ll be praying for you and your 4 precious miracles!


  6. Amber I’ll be sending good thoughts your way. I know you can’t wait to meet your little angels. Take care 🙂


  7. Amber, prayers are your way for you, Babies and George, bless his heart! Nervous dad jitters probably caused his accident. Take care and know that you are thought of often, with prayer and love! You are awesome 🙂


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